KB/M or Gamepad?

NOT “Which is better?”

Which do you prefer?

The reason I ask, I’ve always hated FPS’s with a controller. Grew up on KB/M games so that’s what I was comfortable with. To me, thee is no comparison.

However, there is always that guy/girl I come across that just tears stuff up using a controller. Just obliterates anything and everything. That further concretes in my mind that it is just what you put time into learning.

PS: This question was blatantly ripped off from a previous post on the old forum. I only found it because I’ve been watching a crap-ton of his sniping videos lately and I wanted to see what he used. When I found out it was a controller, I was even more impressed.

PPS: How do I add a voting thing? :slight_smile:


I’m used to. Tried to play with a X360 controller I have, but wasn’t able to do it.

KB+M for over 15 years now. And since you asked…a week ago replaced my ancient Belkin Nostromo gamepad with a Razer Orbweaver w/mechanical-switch keys. Life is good.

See, I enjoy a full keyboard. 2 reasons. More keys and they’re staggered and it’s what I’m used to.

But yes, mechanical keys become necessity once you get used to them.

Depending on the game, I’ll use the keypad+mouse and sometimes the ‘real’ keayboard as well…the Fallout titles use both keyboards+mouse, for ex. And over the years, I’ve developed a personal set of default key-commands for the pad (based on the generic WASD keys) that will work in pretty much any game I own.

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Personally, for FPS type games I prefer a Gamepad. Granted, I play BL2 on my Xbox 360 so a K+M isn’t even an option. Eventually I will likely purchase an Xbox One and the Handsome Collection, so I can transfer my characters and equipment over and won’t have to start from the very beginning. Many, many, many years ago (when the original Pentium processor - 60 Mhz - was first released) I had a computer that was capable of gaming. The OS was initially DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, until I upgraded to Windows 95. One of the games I had was Dark Forces - the Lucas Arts Star Wars FPS featuring Kyle Kytarn that was based on a modified version of the Doom Engine. Another game I had was X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. Of course, I had dial-up internet which required a Modem - 14.4k baud IIRC. Even then, I couldn’t quite get used to the K+M. Keep in mind that I also had a Sega Genesis / Sega CD and Nintendo SNES, both of which used Gamepads. For PC, Gamepads weren’t really an option at that time. However, some Joysticks performed pretty well. Although I prefer Gamepads, I understand how other might prefer K+M especially since the control is more precise and many PC games would not work well with a Gamepad due to the number of possible actions.

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Controller. Started on console and so I’ve never viewed controllers as a “handicap” and keyboards as “awesome” but rather the other, at least for me (If I use a keyboard and mouse all of a sudden my character is roughly as graceful as Godzilla in Japan/New York/wherever)

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Controller. I’ve used one for 25+ years, so it’s comfortable.


K&M. The last controller I’ve held was the old boxy one Nintendo used to use. But a lot comes down to what you’re used to really, and what game(s) you’re playing. I play a lot of RPGs, so having a K&M is easier than trying to use a controller.

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I’ve only ever played shooters on consoles so definitely controller- I’ve tried some early action/RPG’s on PC that used the WASD set up and I found it unnatural and cumbersome. As such, my PC games tend to be turn based such as Civilization, the old Might and Magic series, Fallout 1,2 and Tactics, etc.

I’m strictly a PC gamer, so KB+M. However, I also use a keypad, like kenloe. Having a “universal loadout” is great. Highly recommended to other PC players.

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KB+M. Grew up using a keyboard and mouse for gaming. Now it just feels better. Tried playing Borderlands 2 with a Xbox controller and I failed miserably. Couldn’t hit anything.

Pretty much.

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KB+M. Always was KB+M.


Gamepad for me, always. I hate playing games with keyboard and mouse. Even when I play games on the computer, I’d rather have a controller. It just feels more comfortable to me and my response time is faster. It could be just a matter of practice, of course, but I never liked the feel of playing games with a keyboard and a mouse. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a mouse on my computer for years now. I used a pen tablet instead of a mouse on my iMac and now I’m using a Macbook, so no mouse at all for me. Yes, I’m a Mac person (because my work demands it and because of personal preference), so playing games on the computer is not something I do often, obviously. When it comes to gaming, I’m primarily a console guy.

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If we’re talking about weird personal preference, I guess I can throw out mine:


That’s also how I play on PS3. But that’s another story :smile: Unless I’m playing melee. Then accuracy isn’t that important so I don’t mind using a controller.

PC master raaaaaace! I’ve played BL2 on both Xbox and PC, PC is a little more fine tuned with the aiming so it’s easier to keep the reticle over enemies.

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Simply put a Keyboard+Mouse (the Mouse specifically) can do things in FPS games reliably that are impossible to do reliably with a joystick of any kind (console controller or otherwise). The combination of speed and precision that can be achieved with a mouse is simply unparalleled by any other interface for aiming in an FPS I know of.

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Remember, I specifically asked for preference. I did not ask for which is better.

That gets into religious debates that rival the old “ketchup or mustard on your fries” holy war of '93. And we all know how many lives were lost in THAT ridiculous mess.

I’ve seen some crazy shtuff done with a controller too.

I just want to know what everyone likes best.


Haven’t played with a keyboard and mouse since Unreal Tournament 2003 haha.

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What’s funny is that I recently bought a pretty bad ass gaming computer… first thing I did was load up my old copy of UT99.

There are still servers running. And those guys who play on them are diabolical monsters.

Some games can be played with a gamepad. That game cannot. Too much footwork.