Keep firing single-handed

A curious tier 6 skill, the last one of Salvador’s rampage tree. The tooltype says that you have to hold the trigger in order to proc this skill. Now, my question is: can I get the full effect (88% fire rate 25% recoil reduction) If I just hold the trigger with ONLY one gun? And in case that it does works. Does it work with both hands?

For example: Gunzerkering, holding down only the right gun trigger OR Gunzerkering and holding down only the left gun trigger.

Do any of you guys know if this works?

As long as your Gunzerking, the fire-rate should stack, I don’t recall having to fire both to get the effect.


Both hands are independent.

As long as you hold the trigger, you will get the bonus for that gun, doesn’t matter what you do with the other hand.