Keep mayhem when resetting story

Can we get some way to keep the mayhem we are on if we reset the story.
Or else can we get a mayhem stone on Pandora, once we unlock mayhem mode!
Its annoying when we reset the story and mayhem mode is removed meaning that the loot and exp, etc is trash!


I reset my playthrough after completing tvhm, just for gits and shiggles. Mayhem remained. Xbox, 2weeks ago.

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^----- This. You should be able to reset missions but your Mayhem Mode will stay on what you last had it until you can get back to Sanctuary.

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Getting back to sanctuary is nearly instant, there was a prompt for ‘do you want to skip missions you have previously finished?’ and another once I got to nekratofeyo which bypassed tyreen. Maybe Troy, I can’t remember. Lol

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I don`t know what your talking about. i have reset TVHM multiple times and The only chance you get to skip anything is the tutorial that drops you at Lilith.
I’m on PC (maybe a PC bug/issue), and I run Mayhem 3 or 4, but whenever i reset it, i always end up on normal mode, and have to get back to Sanctuary before I can activate it again!