Keep running out of ammo during boss fights

Hi guys.

Very frustration, I just got into UVHM and every time there is a boss fight, or an extended fight with no ammo vending machine, I can survive until I run out of ammo with every weapon type, then I just have to quit.

If you’re not Salvador - how do you even get around this problem?

I’ve specced heavily into survivability because I like the defensive playstyle - but I can’t get enough firepower to actually kill anything with the limited ammo I have… Even though I always slag everything before I hit it… How to get around this without changing my build?

What character are you using and what kind of gear? Are you using ammo relics at all? Maxed out your ammo slots at the black market? Specced into any crit skills for your characters?

When a certain ammo type drops below… 30%, I believe, then the various loot sources and drops from kills increase significantly for this ammo type. This means that as long as you have boxes like the ones in Vault of the Warrior that keep resupplying themselves, then all you need to do is stay alive long enough to open them again. Terramorphous drops plenty of ammo from his tentacles, so all you need to do there is run around a bit.

And then there’s Hyperius, Master Gee, Dukino’s Mom and Voracidous… No ammo whatsoever. Vora can usually be killed with decent gear, but with Hyperius you’ll have to plan your fight. Bring different types of guns, and maximize your damage output. A Bee shield will help a lot. You can also try to farm for an Avenger SMG. It regenerates SMG ammo while wielded. It’s a Pearlescent gun, so it will take a while to get it.

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If we’re talking regular bosses like Knuckledragger, Boom, Wilhelm, etc (as opposed to raid bosses) I rarely run out of ammo, and I don’t max out ammo storage until well after bank & backpack.

I attribute this to two things: I obsessively open crates and boxes as I go through areas, I pick up any weapon I can even if I promptly drop it 5 seconds later, and I slag everything. Wait, that’s three things…

Anyway, point is that there is lot’s of ammo, when you pick up a weapon it’s ammo is added to your store, and slag means you don’t need as many bullets.

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I honestly never ran out of ammo against any enemy in the game that wasn’t a raid boss, not even on UVHM. Slag everything, keep your weaponry on level, aim for crits, buy all the ammo SDUs, match elements to enemy weaknesses, keep opening ammo crates wherever you go, never rely solely on one weapon type… If you’re doing all that and are still constantly running out of ammo, I don’t know what’s going on.


Just occurred to me- his weapons may be under leveled…

Underleveled guns will definetly ruin the ammo situation. But running out of ammo is definetly something you need to think about when you fight Hyperius. Since you have to damage all his minions at the same time, you could end up spending a lot more ammo than you want. And even if Norfleet and DPUH work really well on them, they also tear through your ammo VERY fast. A Bee will greatly reduce the amount of ammo needed, but without it, it’s touch and go. I’m not sure that it’s even possible for Maya to do that fight on OP 8 without a Bee and still have ammo to spare in the end. What say you?

Still working on it actually- so far I’ve only beaten him with Sal and Zero, have only just tried it with Maya and Axton while Gaige and Krieg haven’t turned in the last mission yet in order to get Hyperious…

Don’t forget that prematurely reloading Tediore weapons will consume any ammo remaining in the magazine. Salvador is the only one that can chuck them like no tomorrow.

Alternative solutions:

  1. REGULAR AMMO: Bring along Salvador, equipped with a Hoarder mod, and park him somewhere. If playing as Salvador, he auto-regens regular ammo while Gunzerking – and that’s without the Hoarder mod.
  2. ROCKET AMMO: Equip a Sham and Vladof Topneaa, as well as either of a low-level version of the following: Bandit Rokets, Hyperion Logan’s Gun, or Vladof Rocketeer. Alternatively, the Big Boom Blaster shield restores shields as well as one rocket+grenade ammo per pickup.

For Terramorphous, his tentacles drop lots of grenade ammo. My party tactic is to join with Axton, equip a (Sticky) Homing Slag Transfusion grenade, pop his turret(s), and attack like normal; when a nearby tentacle is killed, I make a pass through the ‘ammo field’ while spamming grenades – odds are I’ll pick one up for every one I toss out.

That tactic (minus the obvious difference) is even better with Salvador given that he can toss out two-for-one with "Double Your Fun".

That’s got to be one of my favourite skills in Sal’s tree - means my failure to find a X4 Magic Missile really isn’t so bad, and Quasars are doubly entertaining. Also, COMs that provide team ammo regen? AWESOME!!