Keep the game going!

I’ve played this game ever since the Beta and preordered it for day one. Hell I even took the first week off of work to be able to enjoy the experience with my squad. What sets this game apart from Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield, and the rest is the sheer wackiness and the colorful cast of Battleborn. I understand that the player base is low but for people like me who still enjoy this game, even solo multiplayer mode, should be reason enough to find a way to have an offline or peer to peer set up. 2K should not let this game disappear into non existence. There’s no other game like it and never will be. Consider that the few loyal fans have put time and money into this beloved game. I don’t want to see my hard copy of Battleborn just sit on a shelf and collect dust or have negative thoughts about using it as a drink coaster. If Gearbox and 2K even slightly care out their fan base, they’ll find a way to do this and if they don’t, they need to consider doing something special for those fans who dedicated time and effort. Food thought.