Keep Your Insides Inside mission bug

Everyone is infected with this hacked mission. It’s a level 2 mission that is impossible to turn in.
It’s becoming difficult to join games in the lobby because you’ll have no idea what current story mission
the games are in. It’s becoming very cumbersome.

Please release a patch to get this fixed asap.


This is a glitch that was in the original game also, it needs to be fixed!

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So still no news on this?

I just got it for ps4 and I’ve not joined another’s game, the only thing I tried online was the arena play that trapped me in a box and I left after 30seconds. I dunno how I got the quest but Zed is exactly where he’s supposed to be to turn it in, but it doesn’t come up when I try, it’s just a generic voice clip, I’d really like to know how to get rid of the mf