Keep your insides inside

so I’m not were it came from but I have keep your insides inside mission in my missions list and both main game playhroughs on this character have been completed . anyone know if and how I can get rid of it seeing as theres no way to turn it in if I do the mission

Well-known bug. If you play on-line with someone who has it in their mission list, you get it too. And then you pass it on to someone else…

Not much you can do about it other than ignore it - there’s no legitimate way to clear it on console, unless you can find someone who hasn’t done the mission yet and complete it in their game. Good chance that you’ll accidentally get it again, though, especially if you have your game open to randoms.

Ah the STD of Borderlands.

I had a random join my game earlier and rage at me for modding cause of that glitched mission I said dude shut up I’m not a modder its a glitch he wouldnt listen so I kicked his butt outta my game . I gotta be more careful and set it to private so friends can join and not randoms

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