Keeping my transfered Zer0 cap at 61 and playing DLCs again from scratch?

Hi there. Double whammy of a question here:

Firstly, I managed to transfer my level 61 Zer0 character from my X-Box 360 to my X-Box One S which is great, but after pootling around a little in Tiny Tina’s DLC, I noticed my XP moving up as I shot a few skeletons. I have a nice collection of legendaries and a great Zer0 skill tree, and if possible I’d like to stay at level 61 so they don’t become defunct a few levels up. Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to cap my level at 61? I have a duplicate copy in which the XP hasn’t risen at all, so it’s intact and I could revert to that one. But All I have is the save from my X-Box.

Secondly, I’d love to be able to play all the DLCs again from Scratch at level 61, just using all the gear I have. But the DLCs are saved as all having been played.

So: Is there a way to reset the DLCs so I can play again? And, as mentioned before, stay at lvl 61?

Thanks in advance


The handsome collection comes wtih all the dlc, so both level caps. I don’t know if you could maybe uninstall the 2nd level cap, but that would be the only way I know of.

Thanks for the reply. Not sure how that would be done on X-Box One S?

Also what about playing the DLCs from scratch? Having paid for the Handsome Collection it seems I should be able to play them again :frowning:

You can reset your whole UVHM run in the main menu but there is no way to reset only the DLCs. All or nothing.

Hey man, that means I can stay at lvl 61 and rest the DLCs right? Doesn’t UVHM start at lvl 61? (Been a long time)

It should start at level 50 actually but yes. When you reset your UVHM you keep your gear and level. Only the quest progression resets.

Oh cool so this would effectively give me what I’m looking for no? I stay at lvl 61 and can replay my DLCs with my gear and BR rank? And I’d stay at 61 ?

Yes indeed. Look for the option in the main menu. It should say “reset UVHM” or “reset campaign” or something, I forgot what exactly but it’s pretty clear when you see it.

Wow if this works that’s awesome, thanks!

Just to be clear, I just noticed you said “stay at 61” and I read that as “start at 61”. Unless you can specifically delete the second level cap package like @Derch suggested, you’ll still be gaining level but if you are 61 now then that’s what you’ll be when you reset.

Ok so I reset it, and it took me back to Liar’s Berg, and I did indeed have all my gear, but after a few kills my XP is creeping up. Is there any way to cap it?

Ah I just saw your last post.

Anyone know how to delete the level cap package so I can stay at 61? I don’t see anything but a saved character on my X-Box-One S

Anyone? Heeeelp!

I dont have an xbox but can you go to your downloaded games and delete that dlc, or is the handsome collection all one download?

Yeah it’s all one download :frowning:

Just curious, why so keen on staying lvl 61?

Well just because I’ve got all the best legendary gear, Digistruct Peak looks like a repetitive chore and I’d rather play all the DLC content again with the Bee and Sham and Norfleet, DPUH, Infinity pistol etc. As soon as I start at 61 and do them, all my gear will lose it’s power within a couple of levels. I’ve played them all before several times but not for a few years, so I just fancy one more fun run through them, using my favourite gear all the time…

Fair enough, curiosity satisfied.

Since staying at 61 does not seem to be an option why not just go for it? Most of the stuff you mentioned is good for a few level so you might even finish before they go obsolete. Getting a new Bee is also one of the easiest farms in the game and the patch made it faster with the raised drop rates for legendaries.

I understand where you’re coming from, but a couple of things to ponder:

  1. You don’t need to do Digistruct Peak ever. If you want to, you can always drop into TVHM and stomp through it just to have a look (that’s what I did). Nothing wrong with staying at max level (72) though.
  2. The Bee and DPUH are easy farms in UVHM, so you can acquire new ones whenever you feel like it while levelling without resetting anything
  3. Doing main story, the four DLCs, and a couple of the head-hunter packs should get you to level 72 even if you skip missions that have desirable rewards.
  4. Once past level 61, there are some sweet pearlescents that you can only get from level 62 up.