Keeping The Cartel Event Long Term - Poll

Hey guys! I know we’re all loving the new weapons, gear, and especially that beautiful amazing new awesome MAP! Seriously great job on that map, I was actually astounded.

However, the further I ran into it, the more I realized this event is limited time. So I just wanted to start a poll to see if people want this event long term or not.

New Legendaries stay
New Anointments stay
You can turn off this event from the main menu
New Map
New enemies
Almost similar to a mini raid, it’s decently difficult
NOT a holiday event so it makes sense to stay long term

I guess if it’s in the game forever it’ll eventually get old.

  • Keep Long Term
  • I’m fine with event going away

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So yah this event is really awesome! You guys already know my opinion. Thanks!


Include heck hole please. Love that map.


I say keep it. And i totally don´t say that because i can´t play for the next 2 weeks…


Condition: as long as the toggle is available.


It’s for this reason that I think all events of this type should eventually become permanent. Including seasonal ones.


I keep saying this over and over, its 2.8GB worth of content, theres no reason to not keep it on, since it is content and you dont want unnecessary files bloat the game. Its also good content.

This is why it make sense to keep it.


Keep it for sure!
The map is incredible, awesome work there Gearbox
If I have to beg I will, this needs to be a permanent part of BL3


add a new option

bring back ALL events for ever! :slight_smile:


I would love to see heck come back. I loved the Halloween gear


To be honest agree, but I understand holiday events having a reason to show up once a holiday haha

If it must be that way, having automatically become available based on system clock would be preferable in the long run. Gearbox isn’t going to keep doing them forever after all.

I think a good change would be if they made these events available say, twice a weekday, and all weekend long. But, during the times that they are not available, they should give us a way to stockpile the quests in the form of entry passes or some such that we can accumulate during normal gameplay during the time we can’t go in so we can do multiple runs back to back instead of do a run, then do the busywork to get in, repeat.

During the off season, running a weekly rotation of available event wouldn’t be too bad either.


I would love to see them keep all these events playable all the time, obviously with the ability to keep the toggle on and off. They could then do special events during Halloween to buff things to make it even better than what you would normally have. I could imagine the insanity with ghost enemies and cartel popping in all at the same time. I’d be all for the craziness this sounds like it would be.

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Agree. The events were permanent in BL2. Obviously a different format as those did not affect the game outside the special event area but since BL3 can now toggle the events on/off there’s no reason not to keep them. It’s annoying that useful items such as the ghast call, fearmonger, and wedding invitation are no longer usable. And for anyone who buys the game later, they miss out on the items.


I voted limited time. I like it very much. Would prefer to see it opened up a few times a year to keep it from growing stale. Could be a regular event every so often. Ultimately it and. Few others working in rotation suits me best.


Problem with that is that Gearbox will stop supporting it eventually and then it’s gone for good.

Perhaps we should add a new poll with a rotation option! It actually is not a bad idea guys :slight_smile: I thought of two extremes and not the middle ground.

I don’t really care about the event as a whole as it entails more than just the map but at least access to the map (including the mini quest to unlock it) as a farming location for the associated gear should be permanent just like how it was in BL 1/2. Same goes for the new anointments.

I say they just add the option to buy it after it ends. Use the free event as a grounds to give the community a chance to test it then when the event ends and the community has found all the bugs give the option to purchase for like 3 to 5 dollars. This would allow players who dont want to buy a chance at the loot too and those who do would have more to do at endgame

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