KelsoHi2's New Trade Emporium

The Items i am looking for are:

Luck Cannon (Dastardly prefix with jakobs grip)

The items i have for offer are all lvl 70 Unless stated otherwise:

ASSault Rifles:
Attack Major Tom(Fire)
Wild Kerboom(Vladof Grip)
Rigorous Kerboom(Torgue Grip)
Plump Kerboom(Jakobs Grip)
Slippery Kerboom(Torgue Grip)
Expansive Shredifier(Corr,Non)
Rabid Shredifier(Shock,Non)

Two Fer Maggie(Torgue Grip)
Dastardly Maggie( Jakobs grip)
Trick Shot Maggie( Jakobs Grip)
Loaded Blowfly(Torgue Grip)

Doc’s Striker( Hyperion Grip)
Rustler’s Striker( Jakobs Grip)
Texas Striker (Jakobs Grip)
Practicable Viral Marketer(Torgue Grip)
Casual Flakker(Tediore Grip)
Sledge’s Shotty(Cryo,Non)

Flying Torrent(Shock,Non)
Deft Torrent(Non)
Proactive Fatale(Hyperion Grip/Stock)
Acuminous Hellfire(Mali Grip,Dahl Stock)
Hefty IVF(Non)

Sniper Rifles:
Night Pitchfork(Corr)
Bolshy Longnail(Fire,Non)

Can I get the hellfire and the non element torrent? I think I have stuff to give you in return. My psn is KYR_GLITCHES

I haven’t updated the list… Will update in a few but I have a consummate Hellfire with Mali grip and stock