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These are the weapons that I’m currently in search of and will reward accordingly. All my gear are Lvl 60

Vengeful Anarchists (vladof grip, fire, shock)
Dastardly Maggie(+10 crit dmg)

Casual Torguemada(Torgue/Jakobs grip)
Rustler’s Quad(+10% crit dmg)
Doc’s Quad(+10%crit dmg)

Assault Rifles:
Wild Spitter(Torgue grip, Dahl stock)

Flying Torrent(fire, corr, Cryo, shock, Dahl grip and stock)
Stopping Torrent(fire, corr, Cryo, shock, Dahl grip and stock)
Flying Fridgia(Dahl grip/stock)
Stopping Fridgia(Dahl grip/stock)

Indistinguishable Projection COM(purple)
CEO of all CEOs COM
Audacious Sapper COM
Gratuitous Sapper COM

My Lvl 60 gear:

Dastardly Maggie(Non)
Two fer Maggie(Non)
Vengeful Anarchist(Non, Cryo)
Purging Anarchist(Shock,Fire)
Unending TMP(Non)
Vengeful TMP(Non)
Dva Troublemaker(Corr)
Twin Blowfly(Corr)
Neutralizing Blowfly(Dahl,Torgue grips, Corr)
Maximized T4s-R(Shock)
Core T4s-R(Shock)
Redundant T4s-R(Corr)
Explicit 88 Fragnum(EXPLOSIVE)
Hard 88 Fragnum(EXPLOSIVE)
Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum(EXPLOSIVE, Torgue,Jacobs Grip)
Super Shooterang(Non)

Enforceable Bullpup(Fire, Non)
Downsizing Bullpup(Shock)
Sledge’s Shotty(Corr, Fire, Shock)
Doc’s Bushwack(Non)
Rustler’s Bushwack(Non)
Rustler’s Striker(Non)
Sidewinder Quad(Non)
Doc’s Quad(Non)
Rustler’s Quad(Non)
Rustler’s Coach Gun(Non)
Doc’s Coach Gun(Non)
Doc’s Scattergun(Non)
Rustler’s Scattergun(Non)
Rustler’s Longrider(Non)
Casual Stalker(EXPLOSIVE)
Casual Hulk(EXPLOSIVE)
Casual Ravager(EXPLOSIVE)
Casual Pounder(EXPLOSIVE)
Practicable Face Time(Non)
Critical Facetime(Cryo)
Critical Crowdsourcing(Non)
Decisive Focus Group(Non)
Executive Focus Group(Cryo)
Practicable Development(Non, Fire)
Potential Aggressive Expansion(Non,Fire)
Critical Aggressive Expansion(Non)
Streamlined Delivery(Non)
Practicable Viral Marketer(Corr)
Critical Viral Marketer(Corr)
Casual Flakker(EXPLOSIVE)

Hefty IVF(Non,Fire, Cryo)
Brisk IVF(Non, Fire)
Refill IVF(Cryo, Fire)
Quality IVF(Non)
Impetuous Hell(Fire)
Consummate Hell(Fire)
Lucid Hell(Fire)
Acunimous Hell(Fire)
Corporate Fatale(Cryo)
Proactive Fatale(Cryo)
Rightsizing Fatale(Cryo)
Stopping Torrent(Non)
Flying Torrent(Non, Cryo, Corr)
Deft Torrent(Fire)
Bladed Torrent(Non)
Skirmish Torrent(Non, Fire)
Stoic Torrent(Non)
Deft Fridgia(Cryo)

ASSault Rifles:
Wild Hammer Buster II(Non)
Boss Hammer Buster II(Non)
Deadshot Hammer Buster II(Non)
Flush Hammer Buster II(Non)
Hail(Shock, Fire, Cryo)
Severe Hail(Corr)
Ferocious Shredifier(Non)
Rabid Shredifier(Non, Fire, Shock)
Severe Shredifier(Non, Fire)
Skewering Shredifier(Fire)
Expansive Shredifier(Fire, Cryo)
Swift Shredifier(Non, Shock, Cryo)
Wild Kerboom(EXPLOSIVE)
Nasty Kerboom(EXPLOSIVE)
Rhythmic Kerboom(EXPLOSIVE)
Wild Spitter(EXPLOSIVE, Bandit grip, Dahl stock)

Thorny Ol’ Rosie(Fire, Shock, Corr, Cryo)
The ZX-1(Fire)
Min-Min Lighter(Shock)
Cat O’ Nine Tails(Fire)

Rocket Launchers:
Kwik-Change Badaboom(Fire)
Rev’d-Up Badaboom(EXPLOSIVE)
Turbulent Mongol(EXPLOSIVE)
Sniper Rifles:
Tumtum Skullmasher(Non)
Bolshy Longnail(Fire, Shock, Corr, Cryo, Non)
Venture Invader(Cryo, Shock, Corr)
Gentleman’s Magma(Fire)

Glorious Blademaster(+49%,+36%)
Eternal Protector(+21%)
Avenging Gladiatrix(+6192,+30%)
Striking Dominator(+22%)
Crimson Dominator(+20%)
Reaping Bloodthrister(+36%,+159.9,+5 OS, +4 Co, +4 FotA)
Obliterating Cannoness(+23%,+29%)
Relentless Femme Fatale(+39%,+39%)
Deadly Femme Fatale(+40%,+35%)
Ravaging Dragon(+43%)
Marauding Dragon(+39%)
Chronicler of Elpis(+41%,+44%,+5743)

Savage Mauler(+41%,+36%)
Steel Golem(+6242,+153.8)
Master Blaster(+22%,+29%)
Chronicler of Elpis(+40%,+44%,+5743)

High-Rollin Crapshooter(+44%)
Loaded Six-Shooter(+43%)
Pipin’ Hot Six-Shooter(+43%)
Relentless Desparado(+39%,+43%)
Buzzed Desperado(+38%,+43%)
Dramatic Desperado(+38%,+44%)
Cold-blooded Kid(+44%,+21%)
Chonicler of Elpis(+41%,+44%,+5493)
Eridian Vanquisher(+23%,+83%,+4994)
Celestial Lawbringer(+44%)

Explodifying Sapper(+30%,+43%)
Audacious Sapper(+28%,+42%)
Chronicler of Elpis(+41%,+44%,+4994)

CEO of all CEOs(+27%,+20%)
Beneficent Paragon(+5243,+44%)
Eridian Vanquisher(+234%,+203%,+4494)
Chronicler of Elpis(+44%,+43%,+4494)
Celestial Doppelganger(+44%,+39%)
Well Dressed Antagonist(+37%)
Cliché Antagonist(+37%)

High-And-Mighty Gentry(+27%)
Chronicler of Elpis(+41%,+44%,+5743)

OZ Kits:
Artic Acrobat(+180%,+74,3%,+57)
Artic Precision Strike(+55%,+69%)
Voltaic Moonlight Saga
Artic Strafing Run(+37.5%,35.1%)
Voltaic Duality( +52% Melee, +52% Crit, - 31% RD, +31.9% RR)
Artic Duality(+53.6 Melee Dmg, +54% Crit, - 32% RD, +32.6% RR)
Artic Duality(+43% Shock, +49% Electro Chance, - 32% RD)
Artic Duality(+51% EXPLOSIVE dmg, - 32% RD)
Duality Oz Kit(+53% EXPLOSIVE dmg, - 32% Recharge Delay)
Duality Oz Kit(+0% Cryo Dmg, +47% Freeze Chance, - 31% RD, +31.9% RR)
Artic Oxidizer(+78%,+35.1%,154)

Therapeutic Adaptive Shield(2.28,+47%,+9662)
Prismatic Bulwark(2.13,+81%,+32.2%)
Black Hole(72K)
Grounded Black Hole(3.50,96704 ND, 1472 NR)
Supernova(70K ND, 2550 NR)
Inflammable Supernova(66012 ND, 2436 NR)
Bigg Thumprr(10.22,+32397)
Inflammable Bigg Thumprr(9.52,+28500)
Grounded Bigg Thumprr(8.68,+31910)
Avalanche(+30935,40314 ND, 800 NR, 14615 SD)
Grounded Avalanche(+34346,51397 ND, 800 NR, 14615 SD)
Alkaline Avalanche(+29474,35564 ND, 800 NR, 14615 SD)
Warming Avalanche(+31423,41897 ND, 800 NY 14615 SD)
Shooting Star(6.76,+26794)
Blasting Shooting Star(10.63,+23597)
Inflammable Shooting Star(8.05,+29992)
Deadly Bloom(2.92,61140 ND, 1416 NR)
Blast Proof Deadly Bloom(5.18,41044 ND, 996 NR)

Lobbed Four Seasons(0.0 FT)
Longbow Bouncing Bazza(0.0 FT Cryo)
Lobbed Bouncing Bazza(0.0 FT Corr)
Lobbed Fire Bee(0.0 FT)
Longbow Fire Bee(0.0 FT)
Longbow Pandemic(0.0 FT)
Lobbed Pandemic(0.0 FT)
Lobbed Storm Front(0.0 FT)
Homing Storm Front(0.0 FT)
Longbow Storm Front(0.0 FT)
Homing Quasar(0.0 FT)
Longbow Quasar(0.0 FT)
Sticky Longbow Quasar(0.9 FT)
Homing Bonus Package(0.0 FT)
Longbow Bonus Package(0.7 FT)
Sticky Longbow Bonus Package(0.9 FT)
Longbow Fire Leech(0.7 FT)
Lobbed Fire Leech(0.0 FT)
Longbow Cryo Leech(0.7 FT)
Homing Cryo Leech(0.5 FT)
Lobbed Caustic Leech(0.0 FT)
Longbow Shock Transfusion(0.0 FT)
Rolling Thunder(0.0 FT)


@ThunderJayHawk35 – I’ve got some of these L60 things –

cryo Vengeful Anarchist
Dastardly Maggie
Doc’s Striker
Audacious Sapper COM

About the only thing I’m looking currently for is a L60 purple Tediore quick shield with corrosive resist (for my Clappy).

I’m bevross on the PSN (we’ve traded before but not sure we’re still on friends list?)

I’ll try to find that shield but I’m about to post all the gear I have… Maybe you’ll find something of interest in there

Can I know the parts and luneshines on all your quads? I’m interested but I need to know if you want to do any trading.

Rustler’s and Doc’s Quad have Jacob grip and sight, luneshine effect 30% chance to ignore shields

Awesome what about the stocks?

For any Shotguns the grip/stock are the same… If you have a Jacobs grip on a hyperion gun… It’s the Jacobs stock as well… Shotguns do not mix the grip/stock

Why do you say you want an Audacious Sapper but it’s listed in what you have? Looking for better spec’s? Anyway, I can get you the stuff I mentioned above whenever. Nothing on your list I’m too interested in – maybe some elemental Torrents if you ever get them! And any purple Tediore Alkaline quick shield you might find.

The Audacious Sapper that I have is Lvl 59…just like my CEO of All CEOs. Just looking for better stats. Cool whenever you want I’ll drop an invite

I’ll see if I can get the pistols and the shotgun that you want. Both shotguns sound beautiful so I’d love to trade later today.

Sounds good just lemme know

My PSN is Mr_Kcool11 add me and I will invite you when I am ready to trade.

Got it will do

Let me know if you got the drops – you looked away from the PS3 when I popped in.

I went to grab food at Five Guy’s preciate the drops

looking for a midlevel bee shield (64-65).

Bee shield? Wrong trade forum