Kelvin and Aria - Will he stand?

This is in response to everyone who said they can get 10k and better health with Kelvin.
Really got me thinking, and I’m curious to the extend of excitement.

I’ve fought Aria with Kelvin, have done each character at 100 OPs.
He and Boldur did very well.

But according to some of your own numbers Kelvin should be able to take a direct hit at 100 OPs.
Aria can easily one-shot every character with 3,600 damage.

So, possible for Kelvin to laugh at her, in her face?

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With damage reduction, yes he can

He could absolutely tank those hits and probably even do it once or twice, the problem is that he has no way of sustaining that impossibly huge health pool, and Aria can drop those player-killing bursts at least a dozen times, not to mention the numerous Thrall Brutes.


…Yup, he does pretty good on the brutes, if you pay attention to the rapidly spawning anchors near them.
So I’m still looking at about 3,300 max health for him in there?

When I played him, I fed him to 8k HP. It was enough to go without deaths. But I cheesed a bit in the beginning with thrall shaman, without it I’d probably end up at 7k.

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I too let the thrall shaman summon minions just so I can chomp them one by one.

since I played around even more with kelvin and reached 10k hp I thought i will fight aria (100 ops points) straight up and I defeated her without dying or hiding once. I just ran around in circles and chomped as much as possible and got one health drop from a evolved thrall. So it´s not even in the least bit hard with him aslong you actually chomp like noone else :smiley:

It kinda bugs me that when selecting a solo mission as Kelvin it says he may have difficulty with the mission.

A half decent Kelvin can solo any mission on advanced hardcore.


I feel the same way when i get that message with Toby. I’m always thinking: “LOL, yeah, Ooookay… Toby, who is undoubtedly one of the best PVE characters because he can put out such tremendous damage from a safe distance, is gonna have trouble on The Algorithm?”


“It may be very hard to do this mission with Kleese!”

Hoo boy. Oh howdy.


There’s messages?

I’ve never gotten them from Toby

And I’ve done most missions with Kleese

Am I just lucky? Does Nova not care about me?

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I believe the message only appears when you solo a mission and it appears in the box that asks you if you’re sure you want to be that character.


Correct; it says something along the lines of “Are you sure you want to play as ___? The mission may prove difficult with this character.”

@epicender584: If i was at home, i’d post a picture. Take my word for it, the messages exist.

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Ah okay, I thought it was a separate message, as I never read the “Are you sure?” boxes. Thanks to you and @legendoflink2288