Kelvin and the Voxis Core Legendary Gear item

So I have this legendary gear item called the Voxis Core, and it’s legendary effect is that it takes 15% of the skill damage you deal to an enemy and applies it to any nearby enemies. I got to wondering, if I equipped Kelvin with the Voxis Core, activated it, and then used Chomp, would any enemies killed by the radial damage from Chomp count towards the Permanent Health bonus he gets from Chomp kills?

If so, it might prove to be an effective way to get large amounts of health in a short period. I also wonder if it would instant kill nearby minions as well.

I use the PVP bots to test gear and combos.

The way I perceive it to be is:
The radial damage granted by the gear would kill the enemies and not the chomp, so you wouldn’t get health.
If there are nearby enemies, they would take 15% of the damage you would’ve done to the instantly killed enemy. So it would be 15% (chomp base damage + % health damage).
But the only way to know for sure is testing it.

Damage caused by the voxis core is labeled as “AoE damage” so it probably wont be chomp =/

ive tried this but didnt notice any effect other then the aoe damage.

It definitely did work for Kelvin that’s why they are disabling it for a bit

Na. It’s disabled because AoE’s would stack the effect.

If an ability hits 5 targets (say, 4 minions and a player) the Voxis core would generate 5 AoE bursts, each one doing 15% bonus damage.

It stacked ridiculously well in group fights. Especially on characters like Orendi. Get a big pile of minions, thralls, players engaged in a team fight, and unleash her Ult. If you can hit 10 targets, each one will take nearly triple damage. And even players that dodged could take more than full damage from the Voxis AoE component alone.

Any character with AoE could get bonkers with Voxis.

I’m talking about the stacks part not the air he gets an absurd amt of health in a short amt of time the team part yes but for Kelvin its the chomp aoe combo was like a wave install clear and if anyone was near kelvins full health in no time which blew alani s heal out of the water.