Kelvin Appreciation

So I just started using Kelvin again last night and man is he pretty fun to use, Lol maybe its cause he has his stuns back and its been a couple months since I’ve actually put time into Kelvin but he’s Gggrrrrrreat for face-off! Especially with all this new health regen buff stuff its really hard to die lol. Just wanna appreciate the Ice Giga, he ain’t get much love.


Still love the guy. Still think he needs a complete reversion on the Sublimate changes.

I have a sneaking suspicion they shrank the hit box on Sublimate though, I keep having people jump over me and just not get stunned at all.

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I’ve mained Kelvin from day one. I was so incredibly disappointed with his nerf that I stopped playing for a month or so. Ghalt and Galilia had a lot to do with my decision to quit too but with scrap mines slowing instead of stunning I decided to give it another shot.

Also while I’ve got some Kelvin fans on a fresh forum. What’s your highest kill streak with Kelvin? I’ve gone 15-0. 18-1. 19-2. But that was all before his nerf.

Kelvin is one of (if not the) strongest characters in the game. I said it. Fight me

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Just recently before I posted this up I had a 16-0 face-off match. That’s my best so far

He quite is, I tried out a different buld using skill dmg with the codex fragment and his chomp deals so much dmg with it lol and I choose the extra 3% based off his max health so I try maximizing his health too or using regen to stay up on health and have max skill dmg output with chomp

I haven’t played face off yet. It sounds like Kelvin might have an advantage there. Perhaps tomorrow.

I play better in face off more than the other game modes, its just the leveling speed I assume that makes it better

Codex fragment is one of my go to items for Kelvin. I also have a damage reduction legendary that negates enemy skill damage every 30 seconds that I like to use with Kelvin but I forgot the name. I just got back into BB a few days ago. I’m a little rusty still.

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I believe thats the burning sunset

Yes that’s the one. I have a third legendary for Kelvin, I just made a load out for it but haven’t used it yet. It’s primarily is health regen, secondary is attack damage and it’s unique heals allies a percentage of damage done. That’s probably the worst of the three for Kelvin but I like to switch it up and see if I can make a better build.

Plasmite tranducer was op good for Kelvin back in the day but its terrible now.

I also believe thats the oath of the sustained.

Yes, indeed it is. That sounds very familiar. My oath of the sustained isn’t perfectly rolled though and it makes me sad. My burning sunset and codex fragment are both perfectly rolled and I love it. I also use a max shield piece of gear with a skill damage secondary and a negative to reload speed that I have in all my Kelvin loadouts as well as a shield recharge per second with negative to reload speed.

His chomp damage caps at 500 btw. Very easy to achieve without gear. I.e. Skill damage is kind of a waste on kelvin

It’s about making sure every chomp deals 500. It doesn’t deal that much to a character with low max health with no skill damage but 500 to an orendi or miko will make them think twice about ever leaving base. Plus chomp damage equals more health at lvl 4 with mastication restoration. You can literally deal more than half of orendi’s max health in a single chomp. I do see your point and am trying different builds to optimize my awesomeness. I think burning sunset is really good for him too.

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Hi! Just thought I would stop by and say that I think kelvin is really good and fun and that I appreciate him! That said, I am desperately confused on how to build that guy up properly lol


If you get the skill that makes your chomp deal more damage based on health, and are consistently chomping minions (as you should be) it’s insanely easy to hit 500

I know this because I am a dedicated Kelvin player

If you have pain-2-gain re-knitter, use that with the 0 cost shard generator that minuses reload speed, and another item of your choice. Profit

I literally have over 200 hours of playtime with just Kelvin. He is the only character I play regularly. You aren’t doing 500 to the squishy.

Lol. Ok. So you can sit here and claim I’m not doing 500 damage with my chomps when you haven’t watched me play a single second. We’re done here