So I was testing kelvin and noticed that when I gave him a shield item from my gear loadout it didn’t show up. now when I gave it to miko it did work so I thought could it have just been added to kelvins permafrost shield? this is something I will need to test more but shouldn’t a character even if it is eldrid get a shield from a gear item? Why would kelvins be different?

P.S my psn is also coffen369 if you play the beta

Hey! Kelvin is a bit of a special case. His shields are constantly emptying (aka ‘melting’), so if you add more max shield, they will just empty when the match starts.

However, his Permafrost is based on his max shields - the amount of shields you’ll get will increase overall.

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Was it just a “+X max shield” or a “+X shield regen rate”? If the later then it should charge a shield up to 200 max (at least it does for me)

On the gear items it said +x max shield, like I said when I used the same gear loadout with miko a shield did come up and would regen when damaged but on kelvin i didn’t see it unless its a bug or if it was just adding it to his permafrost, I am going to look in to this either tonight or tomorrow and respond with what I find. It might be that there is some type of error counting kelvins permafrost shield and somehow combing that with a shield item, considering permafrost shield not only takes damage but deteriorates over time. Couldn’t permafrost just be added in addition to a normal shield or be switched to an overshield?

I will look into this, thanks

It’s probably related to the fact that Kelvin’s permafrost naturally decays. My bet is he has a negative shield regen value so if you just put max shield on him it doesn’t regen. That’s just a guess though. Could just be a bug.

That’s exactly what happens! :slight_smile:

Doing so testing with this and yeah he gets no sheilds however the gear does add to his permafrost passive not the full amount though brought the gear plus 80 sheilds and gain a plus 20 ever use of the skill didnt know if this is meant to happen to stop you from getting a ton of sheilds when using a skill by stacking gear with plus sheilds.