Kelvin Gear Discussion

Dragging this thread back up to poll the room:

Recently lit on the idea of trying out a couple different Legendaries, both from The Archive which I’ve been running to get max drops on them.

Specifically, either Lorrian Skill Spike or Codex Fragment. Both with Chomp in mind. The Codex Fragment has the more reliable skill damage increase and is well suited for Kelvin as he is pretty much always taking damage while barging in and Chomping away. But the damage potential of the Lorrian Skill Spike on those is so dangerously unpredictable that I can’t help but ogle it as well.

Anyone been using either of these on Kelvin already?

On a related note, I’ve been thinking about the Comeback King as well, but not knowing how it interacts with shields gained from skill effects has me unsure. The notion of turning Kelvin into a constantly exploding bomb is pretty entertaining if it works the way I think, though, as with Shield Snacker it’s not at all difficult to make a Kelvin build that hits his shield cap when Chomping players.

I just recently started playing Kelvin, so I’m no expert.
But I tested a few gear loadouts in private PvP.
Codex Fragment is definitely a viable choice, the skill damage is a solid improvement for chomp damage and the +Max Health is always welcome.
I don’t have a Lorrian Skill Spike, so I’ll leave it to someone else to assess that item.

Also, just as a side note to gear: I’m currently testing Blissbeast Skull Plate as part of a DR loadout.

I’ve been thinking about his Shield mechanic quite a bit and I think that might actually work.
Here’s my reasoning:

  • In the Beta and shortly after launch (IIRC), Kelvin did profit from ‘while Shield is depleted’ boni.
    This was fixed, as the Devs didn’t want those effects (bonus on full/empty shield) to be permanently active.

  • I think they did this by imposing additional criteria, to prevent any Eldrid (with Maximum Shields of 0) from gaining boni from their ‘natural state’. (This assumption is based on the fact that 0/0 Shields would technically be ‘full Shields’.)
    So, in order to profit from a bonus on full shield, you’d need ‘Max Shields’ >= ‘1’ AND ‘Shield’ == ‘Max Shields’. (The whole thing for empty shield boni would be: ‘Max Shields’ >=‘1’ AND ‘Shield == 0’)

  • In a similar fashion, Items like the Comeback King (and others like Executive Insurance Policy) would have to check the ‘charge to full’ condition. Probably whenever active recharge ends, Shields are compared to max Shields to assure the charging process ended normally (as opposed to taking damage).

If you take a look at Kelvin’s Shield mechanics, he probably gains Max Shields plus a 1 second (instant) recharge at a rate matching the max Shields gained (similar to how character HP are set up at spawn - for about 0.5 seconds you can see [MaxHP] / s life regen :smile: ).

So those items could actually work on him, it all hinges on whether the ‘Shields were fully charged’ trigger is affected by changes to your Max Shield value.
I see good chances this might work out, because ‘normal’ chars would only ever see increases to Max Shields, which shouldn’t be ‘punished’ by losing out on gear effects over buffing your Shields.

I’ll have to do some testing, just gotta look through my Armory, to see if I have any item with a similar trigger.

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I’ve tried codex fragment, lorrian skill spike and blissbeast skull plate with Kelvin and I think the codex fragment is miles better. Lorrian skill spike seems too inconsistent for my liking. Blissbeast skull plate is good but codex fragment makes you crazy lethal plus it gives you more health. Making your enemies fear you so they disengage sooner is probably even better than being able to get focus fired a few seconds longer.

Leechsteel brooch is another good item for Kelvin but mine was rolled up terribly so it won’t do the build justice.

I was definitely leaning towards Codex Fragment, figures it’s the only legendary off the Archive I haven’t been able to get drop yet.

That’s a bummer. I’ve got 2 perfectly rolled codex fragments. I wish I could trade. I also have 2 perfectly rolled voxis cores. Just thought I’d do a little bragging while I had the chance. Lol

My Kelvin load out is codex fragment.

140 max shield + 5.46% skill damage + -21% reload speed + cost 756

42 shield regen per second + -21% reload speed + cost 0

That’s a max of 23.66% skill damage, 210 max health, 140 max shield, 42 shield regen per second.

That extra 300 shield at the beginning really helps Kelvin get past his weak early game and with the level one helix mutation you get 660 more survivability at the start of the match.

In my opinion picking a health regen item over a shield regen item for Kelvin is a huge mistake. Shield regen essentially gives you 300 more survivability AND 22 life regen per second while not in battle.

Well, it’s rather serendipitous but the SHiFT code handed out for the PAX broadcast gets you a Legendary Gear Pack in it (makes up for the fact that half the commander packs you also get with it yielded credits…), and sure enough, I now have the Comeback King.



Not really viable for competitive play, which I expected. I actually had a much harder time trying to make a build that could give Kelvin a full shield charge off a single skill. I actually went as far as to stack two -max shield items, leaving Kelvin with basically 20 shields, and tried relying on Shield Snacker to trigger Comeback King. Problem is, it seems like if you do it that way, Kelvin loses shields too quickly for the game to recognize he was at max and trigger the explosion (probably because his normal shield recharge is -20). I think you’d need to go with one -max shields item and Kelvin’s legendary, go for the whiffed Chomp to bring your shields up to max.

Kelvin’s natural shield decay does trigger the explosion, though, so long as he was at max shields to start.

I have a question regarding Kelvins gear, is it possible that Kelvin cannot use every item?
Because almost every match I cannot activate 2/3 of my gear although I have enough shards. It’s not “greyed out” or sth like that, on the bottom right it says “Activate Gear” but no matter how I often I open the gear tab and press X, Y or B (Xbox one) the items won’t get activated.

They are also not character specific or sth like that. It’s just regular gear from lootpacks.

Edit: In my last match I had a Chest with + Health + Dmg Reduction, a fist with +dmg + speed and a boost(?) with +Health Regen but except for the chest, none of these items were working.

Haven’t encountered that before. Sounds like a bug.

It happens consistently?

Unfortunately, yes. :confused: