Kelvin health building and retention question

Hi There! I love this icicle and I was wondering if he retains chomp - stolen health even when he dies? I feel the answer will probably be no, but wouldnt it be nice ;).

He does.

Yeah, you can stack some serious health.

He does, and with one of his mutations, he deals an extra 3% of his current health as damage with chomp. So in story when your health is 11000 that’s an extra 330 damage (still not sure if total dmg maxes at 500 for chomp or if just the 15% enemy’s maximum health as damage does)

I tested this a while ago, so I might remember the numbers wrong but what I remember was that the bite damage caped out at something like 300 damage to hp but for some reason 600 against shields, it was in a normal pve mission and I ended with 14k permanent hp.

14k HP… stop it. I’m not calling you a liar, but I’ve earned master of and during my play I think I ended up somewhere around 6500 every time. That was with health gear and most of the time perfectly waiting for the guys health to dip just to use chomp. If you ended up with that much HP, please share how you did it. I would be greatly interested.

That was in the Saboteur mission on normal, the 11k are just the bonus hp without his base and the items, it was my first and only try to achieve this so I’m sure you can get much higher, especially in missions like the archive with endless minions.

I finished not every minion but most of them with bite, and in non critical situations I let the beast-master summon some more thralls for a minute or two, nothing more.

For items I run with :
regeneration + more regeneration when shields are down,
hp + more hp when shields are down,
skilldamage + hp when surviving for more than 3min.

I’ll give you credit you certainly did it. Was this solo? I can’t say I’ve ever done any solo kelvin. Always multi. That number still seems extremely high considering the times ive played. The numbers fluxuate between 6k and 6500 everytime. I have the Gold Kevlar Kelvin vest too.

No wonder you dont get that high, teamates don’t tend to wait for your bite cd.

LOL, damnit dude. You had my blood pressure up for a bit there. Thought I was doing something wrong this whole time and losing out on massive HP bonuses…

This was just an experiment, in stuff like pvp Im lucky to get more than a few minions.

I would guess then the enemy had damage reduction. Chomp states “Bite an enemy, dealing 91 damage plus 15.0% of their max health up to 500. If the target is killed, Kelvin gains permanent health. Instantly kills minor enemies.” This appears that only the max health damage maxes at 500, (so max attack damage would be 591 without mutations) But I don’t know if it worded poorly or if the mutation that adds 3% of your health counts as part of that 500.

I don’t have a picture of it but solo kelvin in saboteur does end with about that much. The trick is indeed to wait for the beast master and to just cfinish off every enemy with chomp. In solo story most of the time I end 8000-12000 health. In capture I end with like 2800-3000 health. I don’t play meltdown or incursion with kelvin.