Kelvin in Ops, gear disabled

I’ve had this same thing happen with this OPs orientated gear on two accounts now.
Is this a known bug?
What do you Kelvin players do about it?

In the shot below is the default gear I used at 100 OPs.
On Kelvin it will not let me enable the gear, other than the Shield oriented one which messes him up.
(Enabled it just to test and it tanked his shield)

I’ve had a similar issue with Kelvin before. After activating a piece of gear, it wouldn’t register as active but I’d still get the affects from it (I could tell because it was health regen). The rest of the game it showed up as inactive and would prompt me to turn it on but wouldn’t actually let me.


this has happened to me in pvp as well, and I had confirmation it was still active despite not showing up as such (also because of health regen), i’m not sure it’s kelvin specific, just kind of a bug that comes and goes.

I haven’t seen it nearly as much the more the game has bug fixes though

This is an old bug, is just a visual glitch like veryone said.

It got fixed but somehow kelvin still get it.

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Yeah that happened to me in the Phoebe OP with Kelvin. Legendary gear has issues with him apparently.

Thanks peeps, from now on with Kelvin it’s junk gear until, if, they fix this.

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I man, like we said, the gear still functionally works, it’s just a visual glitch. No need for a sub par kelvin! :snowflake:

It happens to other gear too. I’ve seen it with my Epic DR gear and my rare regen.

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