Kelvin is amazing in PvE

So I decided to play kelvin for my friend who was trying to get a miko lore challenge done. We ran some story missions(algorithm voids edge and heliophage) and in almost all of these I was able to get kelvin to like 10-12k health and I became the ultimate tank, I was unstoppable and ended up taking over like 60k damage at the end.

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Sadly Kelvin’s PvE skills don’t transfer to PVP. In PvE he’s a beast in PVP he’s crap.

He is fun, one question, how do you take out ISIC once he is flying?
Was trying Kelvin and spent a good 30 minutes on that part alone.

Well I had miko with me he threw kunai at him. I was able to get him when he knocked me into the air I was able to get close enough to chomp him.

He’s actually really good in pvp would u like to see some of my recent pvp matches with him

Have you played as Kelvin in PvP? Or against him? His stun is marvelous and chomp can do some pretty intense damage.

I’ve seen multiple Kelvin players run in to cause a little damage and grab attention. Right before he dies, sublimate for the escape while the rest of the team picks off who was stunned. Kelvin players are my heroes.

And yet another reason to separate PvP and PvE balancing. This is the thing, linked PvE and PvP balancing hasn’t ever worked, it’s pretty much always been a flop. Gearbox could go with the progressives and be intelligent, unlinking them, and then balancing each mode’s heroes on their merits and shortcomings within that mode.

The mere fact that there are so many characters who’re claimed to be grotesquely OP in one mode, and then woefully underpowered in another? That’s argument enough, right there. And there are people saying this all over the Internet about all kinds of games, just do a search for ‘separate PvP and PvE’ to see.

I think it’s the one thing that’ll make everyone happy. Kelvin can be buffed in PvP without making him an unbeatable monster in PvE, and characters can survive nuclear nerfs that may well be needed in PvP but only serve to create weak, less viable, less fun characters in PvE.

The most obvious case for the latter being ISIC. He’s fine, but he’s not fun to play in PvE now, he feels weak compared to many other heroes due to his survivability being hit so hard despite looking like a tank.

I think really they could just separate the two, reset PvE back to launch day values, and then balance PvE based upon PvE observations. And PvP values can remain as they are, but they can fix problems in PvP without destroying PvE fun times. I will protest for this because it solves a multitude of problems, all in one shot.

I disagree: Kelvin is a beast in PvP, but he is very hard to play is all. This would tend to make the “unlink PvP and PvE” argument wrong.

I’d even go as far to say : well, if one player can make one character perform very well in PvE, but can’t make it work in PvP, where is the issue ? Maybe he got a pretty good hang of it for PvE but hasn’t found the way to play it effectively in PvP. No biggie : maybe he will get to use one char in PvE and another in PvP. Someone else will probably think the exact opposite.
I actually find Kelvin to be annoying to play in PvE because of his early very low killing rate, but in PvP, I love him a lot. God, I even sometimes think to myself that he is completely OP and feel bad about playing him, almost to the point I feel like requesting a nerf for Kelvin ! And for the opposite example, I use Oscar Mike for quick PvE farming but can’t find a way to make him work well in PvP.

That’s okay, among up to 30 ( at some point ) battleborn, isn’t it good to have variety and use multipple characters for the task at hand? Heck, I don’t use Melees on the Algorithm. I prefer a mobile char for Rendain. Etc.

While I’m not hostile to unlinking both modes if they really want to, I feel like it’s just even more work to do, and could even throw the whole game off balance. PvE is super useful to test and level a character before jumping in PvP. Heck, it’s even a prerequisite. If what we get from PvE is flawed because balancing isn’t the same, there is an issue, imho.

I think it’s not the chars that should have different stats depending on the mode, it’s the game itself that should adjust to the characters in play. It’s ridiculous asking Kelvin to kill 10 evoloved thralls for a level 2 challenge. Likewise, I also witnessed a challenge asking us to kill 2 thrall bonecrusher ( I think ) but only one spawned. Something is off with the way the game select challenges. So maybe health pools or spawn quantity could be adjusted on the fly depending on what characters are in the team.
But it’s also a lot of work.

An overall, I really am not sure anyway how rebalancing PvP can affect PvE THAT much. PvE is still super easy, so… How does it destroy the fun out of the story mode ?
The only thing is that some missions are pretty impossible with given characters, but that’s more an issue with the design of the mission than with the characters ( like melees for Algorithm ). Or an issue with the capacity of the player to be able to play with one or two friends.

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