Kelvin is hard to play

So I’m onto my 3rd character now after Oscar Mike and Marquis and I thought I’d try a melee character and an Eldrid. At first it was weird playing from the perspective of inside Kelvin’s mouth, but after reading the lore (that I have been able to unlock) I can understand why that is. I’d still much rather play from a slightly 3rd person perspective though because I have found it really difficult being a character with absolutely no ranged attacks. If you’ve ever played a Titan in Destiny you probably know what it feels like to have T-Rex arms, you throw punches but they don’t quite always seem to hit their mark maybe due to lag. From the first person perspective it is also incredibly easy to completely lose sight of a player you are wailing onto as on many occasions I’ve failed to kill someone because all they have to do is move far enough to the side of me that they disappear off my screen and it is near imposible to catch back up and continue dishing it out. But Kelvin has all these cool perks that make him way faster and can constantly get a shield you say? Yes he does, he also has this really cool ability to permantly increase his max health by simply chomping down on enemies. In a PvE setting this works really well, as by the time you make it up to the end boss or whatever you are a tank that can just jump right into the middle of stuff and clear out a whole area but in PvP it is really hard to build him up because his abilities are quite dependent on actually landing hits and/or kills. You’d think in something like Meltdown this would be easy to do but I find I am lucky to reach Level 7 by the end of a standard match. And despite having 2000 HP from the get go, and even building it up to 3000+ he isn’t very durable and can be killed by other players in a fraction of the time it takes to down someone like Montana. His ultimate Ice Wall ability is also very challenging to use effectively as often by the time I’ve lined up the marker and activated it, the target(s) moves and it just feels like you’ve wasted it, or you over or under shoot it and it just becomes a barrier for you and your teammates. What would be great is if you just had to lock onto a moving target and the ice wall would activate where that player was at that time. As for the lore, I’ve so far I’ve only been able to get 9/25 Micro Macro Mist Me completions. Controlling Sublimate feels really wonky and I often chew up all my time just figuring out how to go in the direction I want him to and by then the 3 players I had carefully lined up have split up or are now wailing on me and killing me. I’ve tried doing it in all 3 PvP modes without much luck. Compared to all his other lore challenges, this one is leaps and bounds more challenging and I’d definitelly recommend dropping it to 2 simultaneous stuns 15 times with maybe having npc enemies counting towards it too in meltdown since there will always be a group of minion bots to attack.

I’m only Rank 8 so I haven’t unlocked all of his mutations, so here’s hoping there will be something that will address some of my issues.

He’s definitely a cool character, and can be challenging to get into, but I really think he needs a little help since he does not have any ranged attacks and most other melee attackers can hit him well before they are close enough that he can hit back.

He is a great character once you learn to play him he has no ranged attacks, he not the only one, so i can see it being differcult if your used to a ranged character.
His stun just charge forward with it your going to have a hard time moving it side to side(this is probably to balence it i think) it can stun the whole team if in one place.
Use it as a gap closer and escape.
Chomp smaller minions as much as possible its an instant kill also try can get the kill with chomp on battleborn however dont not use your chomp during the fight it trying to save it for the killl. It has a 5 second cooldown so can be used often.
Chomping during the fight is both great for damage higher there max health more damage characters like isic and montana will be taking 500 per chomp so its very much anti tank character skill but still works well on low health character.
Chomping during the fight is also your main way to stay alive as you get a shield every 5 seconds.
Once you get life steal(get the life steal helix) it will also keep you alive even more.
His ult sucks i tend to just use it on minions to stop them from going anywhere. Also to trap one battleborns escape is another great way to use in.
About the moving around you thing i have seen people use this and done it myself to great effect just move with them or even jump back if you have no idea where they are.
Hope i helped

But you need to stun 3 players at once 25 times for the lore challenge :confused: Trust me I know it’s a bad idea to run in and try stunning half a team especially when the time it can take to hit multiple players, the first ones will have snapped out of it already and be killing you. All that other stuff is basically what I do, but he really shines much better in PvE than PvP where there are enough enemies to mow down and buff up. Story missions like the Renegade, you can squat at the mob spawn points and just tank them without any disregard for your health because the shield quirk (and i think the healing nearby allies skill) can make you basically invincible. That to me just doesn’t translate as well into PvP where the volume of enemies are much lower and said enemies rush/gang up on you because they see you as an easy target.

Have you try incurtion? With the 1 main lanes its not uncommon to have 3 battleborn in one place
Also you can kill the mercs to get health gain and with then with there high health 500 chomp every 5 second means you will kill them faster than most.
The challege isnt hard to do i think its means stun 3 battle orn with one use not all at the same time i have done it without even aiming for it.

I got that lore challenge in a couple games. If you have them pushed to their sentry or they have you pushed to yours, they’re normally bunched up. Come around from behind and get some chomps and autos in then sublimate out while stunning their whole team!
Or just forget get about attacking them and sublimate just to be a nuissance.

There’s a great guide on one method of playing him which I very much enjoy. You can find it in the eldrid section.