Kelvin/Miko Lore challenge meeting place

Hey hey. Just here making a forum so people can find others to do these (they have to play 5 games with eachother)

Please list the character you are PLAYING

Then, if you want, the character you NEED

Then, XB1, PC, or PSN along with the username to contact you with.

Please put any additional info you want to give.

Then, if you completed the lore challenge(s), try to come back and edit your post saying “completed.” If you just want to help, put “Helping” so people don’t try to help you and both have already done it.



Need a:


Additional info:

example: (also real so if any kelvin players want to help I mean…)

Playing: Miko

Need a:Kelvin

Console: XB1; gt is chaosarebeast

Additional info: Already have 3 out of 5 matches done. Also willing to help any miko players by palying kelvin, however I have done all the lore challenges for Kelvin and just need 4-5 more levels for him

Of course, you don’t have to use this template, it is just a clear way to do it

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Helping, PS4, Eastern time.
Typically on most times during weekends, and around 4-9pm on weekdays.
PSN: nyakasgoods

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Playing: Miko

Need a: Kelvin

Console: PS4, please message me privately for my gt.

Completed! But can still help others complete their challenges on PS4. I’m set US Central Time and mostly available around 1pm-9pm

Playing: Miko

Need a: Kelvin

Console: XB1, gt: MellowMichael

Additional info: need 5 games

I’m playing Kelvin right now for an hour so.
Playing: Kelvin
Console: XB1
Gamertag: Luke KBaldwin
Game mode: incursion or meltdown.

(No mic tonight, the girlfriend crashed on the couch next to me)


I can help you out if you need it

I’ll be on later tonight if anyone needs help.
Playing: Kelvin
Console XB1
Gamertag: Pewptrain
If you don’t let me know why you’re inviting me I won’t accept it. I have everything done for Kelvin, I’m just going to be finishing up mastering him tonight so if anyone needs help later I’d be happy to oblige. It will be around 10 or so eastern time before I’m on.

Playing: Miko

Need a: Kelvin

Console: PS4

Additional info Gamertag: CyborgShadow Mon-Wed 4pm-6pm Fri 6pm-11pm Sat-Sun 6am - on and off when time permits:
Need just one match. Have 2 of three matches already.