Kelvin mutation ideas

These are some mutation concepts for kelvin that I came up with
Ice to eat you again- kelvin can now chomp twice in a row but the second chomp deals half the damage
I think this would be interesting because nothing is worse than chomp not finishing off your intended target
Overkill- kelvin gains more health for killing a major enemy but reduces the amount he gets for killing minor enemies+50 health major enemies -30 bonus health from minor enemies
This one would also be cool if you wanted to go after enemy battleborn thralls or shepherds more
Let me know what you guys think😀

How about a mutation in which decreases cooldown time of Sublimate when it gets cancelled. Or one that gives him a projectile move. Giving him something to shoot at enemies would work wonders.

Kelvin is all about snowballing ( and I’m quite sure the pun was completely intended! ), so in a way, that Overkill idea quite fits in. The more you Chomp tougher ennemies, the more powerful you become faster !

The Ice to eat you again though, I’m not so sure. With his legendary, it would be completely overcheated. Like, three chomps in a row if you missed the first ? That would give such a high amount of Permafrost, for such a long time ( think Blue Ice ! ), that it would be too much :slight_smile:

But no projectile. Kelvin is a brute in melee, giving him a ranged ability would be way too much. Or useless, Phoebe’s Blade Rush useless. Let your teammates do the ranged work :slight_smile:

Well the second chomp would just do about 200 damage and not apply permafrost It would kind of be like a finishing blow of sorts

I think if you wanted to do a mutation like that it ought to be more along the lines of receiving health when dealing damage to enemy Battleborn with chomp (not required to kill them) but receive none from minor enemies.