Kelvin plus shield gear broken?(solved)

So this isnt me calling nerf rather asking if something has gone wrong in the hot fix been faceing kelvins with 350 shields via his passive i know shield gear works for him but it was only 20 percent of the gear did they change this? Very hard to kill a kelvin with 350 shield every 5 seconds so just wondering if this is a glitch or something. the guy only had green shield gear so i cant see 20 percent of that giving him 350 shields

Kelvin isn’t like the other eldrid. As he has abilities that grant him shield, he actually has a shield innately and simply has negative shield regen. If you equip shield regen gear to kelvin to where this value is positive, then he’s granted a shield. 350 likely isn’t all from gear, but also from his innate shield.

The 20% you’re referencing I’ve not seen in effect (even on other eldrid I can equip, say, Voxis and have the full shield value)

Well when you put shield gear on kelvin he doesnt get the shield has his shield decays it is however added to his passive but only 20 percent or at least it was so when he uses a skill he gets a shield.
Just wondering how he got 350 shild as i normally only get about 100 to 300 depending on my level.
He had 350 at about level 4 which i never seen before.

maybe he had some strong shield gear mixed with shield regen that allowed him to keep a high shield constantly.

Ill test kelvin w/ shield regen so gimme a bit to get some numbers
his normal max shield is 300
he gains 60-120+ shield per attack (depends on level)
tier 2 he has +50% gained shield strength for sublimate
tier 5 he has +20% gained shield

So it’s possible to have a shield increase item raising the max shield, and use 3 skills in order to gain 360+60+72=492 shield instantly. Though this requires his shield to be able to hold it and all 3 skills to be up.

It was 1 grean gear i think i worked it out anyway he probably had shield snacker helix or thoose helixs maybe even both.

I dont know the sweet spot, but any + shield regen ive equiped on kelvin is enough to push him into positive shield regen. This is great because with sublimate, he is often in and out of combat. Giving him more time to renter combat with a full shield and then chomp for more shield.

The +20% permafrost and +30% shield snacker bonuses can leave Kelvin getting a LOT of shields back when he uses Chomp. I’ve yet to manage a build that can net more than 180 or so shields per chomp but he can also use Ice Wall or Sublimate to easily give himself a full shield back in combination with Chomp.

My favorite when escaping, is using chomp twice. With the legendary of course. The first chomp restores about 180 or so with shield buffs, the second chomp pushes it up there.

Seriously, I urge everyone to get his legendary

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I never thought of missing deliberately with the legendary…clever.