Kelvin‘s chomp decide by what?

Bite an enemy, dealing 75 damage plus 15.0% of their max health up to 500 .
I test in Dojo. I hit those minions until a little health that chomp just deal less than hundred.
I don’t know how chomp decide by max healyh or present health?
sometime I hit over 600(white hit) by chomp without any gear or skill when I was Level 5.OR it was Crit hit?

You’re probably seeing small numbers because that’s the remaining health of the minion. Also chomp insta kills small minions.

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The numbers you are seeing might include more than the chomp depending on how you have your damage numbers displayed in settings. If it is smaller or larger than you expect it might be like @conorwillybums54 said minions and other small enemies die in one chomp regardless of how many HP that enemy has left and the damage numbers will reflect that. It is a complex skill with many modifiers that change on a moment to moment basis. Mostly you can’t break the 500 cap without gear though.

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Just chomp things. Numbers are meaningless, Kelvin hates numbers.

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You’re thinking of Boldur
Kevin is indifferent towards the artificial construct that is numerical value :grinning: