Kelvin skill change

So Kelvin is a great Character but honestly i think his skills are kinda useless-ish… Primefrost is perfect, just weird that galiea can pull you out of it but ice wall? why is that a special, it should be a skill and the damage on it is weak for a special attack…ice wall should replace chomp and give him a better special… maybe he takes out his ice heart and throws it and it explodes emitting an ice dust that slows enemies then eventually stuns them if they stay in to long.

Multiplayer ideas:
1.A mode where you can use all helix

  1. Elimination: Everyone starts with full level 10 and have 1 min to choose their desired helix and last person on team to survive wins or first team to be eliminated

3.After the first sentry is destroyed people tend to vote surrender so why not have the second sentry more fortified and players are able to build the sentry like campaign…give it more health,overshield or fire power but with a high cost of money and at least 500 health

  1. Team death match: no minions, no sentry, just turrents and players and first to a certain amount of kills

  2. Player Level tier: Again… this game is very competitive and many times you get guys in groups with their squad but the game sets you up with beginners of low levels and basically you get wrecked, only few times and rarely do you get low levels of people who play well cause they played it on other consoles or they learn quick and yes you do get high level noobs but thats rare. This brings down K/D, so why no be able to search level group ranges from 0-25, 25-50, 50-70, 80-105 etc. despite what people say you will get alot of people especially more hardcore gamers searching for this. And also it will give newbies a fighting chance to enjoy the game with their level tier.

I don’t play as Kelvin but I just feel that his ultimate is a bit…nothing. It’s just a small wall that stuns. Yet again, I don’t play as Kelvin so I wouldn’t know.

Team death match will never be in this game. Battleborn is more objective based, MOBA-inspired or whatever you want to call it.

I like the idea with the sentry but that would encourage teams just to save their shards to only buff the sentry so…Idk

Player tier thing will work if the Player base is higher. If we were to do it now, you would be waiting for a game for a long long time.

Kelvin can be a bit intimidating to use as his abilities seem lack luster at first. I agree Ice wall could do a little more maybe some AOE but did you know you can cancel out of sublimate? i usually use the stun then chomp followed by his ground smash folowwed by a second chomp if i manage to corner them, It’s a deadly combo on all squishies.


If you don’t already, use it for a second stun. The way I play, because kelvin is very potent with coordination, is call out for a stun and in tight doorways,hallways, block the path or stun them. Sublimate+direct ice wall stun+ Chomp+anyteam participation in that stun= Should equal kills.
Ice wall also helps for escapes, running through a doorway, busting a quick 180 and setting it right at your feet during mid air should place it between you and enemies. Not guaranteed success if they’re right behind you or at all but can work that way. The wall isn’t offensively on par with others, but has lots “of applications” as Handsome jack would say about slag in borderlands 2. The sublimate+ice wall+chomp is the most use I get out of it. Or using the stomp effect to push an enemy around or back them up into the ice wall, i’ve done that multiple times especially with the increased push back on lvl 7. Its not as useless as you think. With toby’s legendary being nerfed in the update, only kelvin now has the double stun. Montana can knock up twice and others can stun/cc equally but specifically double stun, I believe only kelvin will be able to do it

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I agree, I do the same thing but i said chomp kinda makes no sense…and should be replaced with ice wall since ice wall gets destroyed quick for a special and they should give him a new special like i mentioned

The sentry idea… i think people will be focused on buying bots to win and setting turrents when destroyed that when it comes to the second sentry they will barely have money and if they do everyone cant sent the sentry at once they gotta wait for whatever the other player built to finished first so all that will take time. so waiting around to do all that will just make you end up loosing…the player tier thing will work

Also agreed, but with how it plays. Chomp is actually really good lmao the heart idea is actually really intriguing and I’d at least hope at some point in development, someone HAD to have thought of it if they had the idea of giving him a heart and a taunt where he pulls it out lol but replacing chomp could mean a huge rework if I’ve learned anything about ripple effects in this game when it comes to making even the simplest changes. Cause chomp specifically ties in with his ability to gain health through that skill and that kinda ties in with skills throughout his helix. That’s only the bigger picture though, I’m fine with kelvin but I do wander off in thought of how much cooler he could have and could be or useful in other ways.

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Kelvin is amazing as he is. Chomp is a fantastic skill that lets him be a great wave clear for his team. Especially in the late game. Not to mention that it gives him extra health which turns him into a late game monster.


I can see that idea with the sentry now that you say that. I think that will help teams being able to get comebacks in incursion. The player tier will work…if we have more players. If you were to do that on pc you never find a game

xs[quote=“jael73, post:1, topic:1554367”]
Kelvin is a great Character but honestly i think his skills are kinda useless-ish… Primefrost is perfect, just weird that galiea can pull you out of it but ice wall? why is that a special, it should be a skill and the damage on it is weak for a special attack…

  • Chomp may, strictly speaking, be the single most strong ability in the game at the moment. Reason being his guaranteed kills with Chomp against minor enemies. Because of the minion buff, he can later in the match do over 1000 damage per chomp. With the lifesteal at level 4, it nets him over 230 health steal per chomp. It’s also fantastic against Battleborn, either to intimidate them and making them back off, doing a considerable amount of damage or even killing them. On top of this, kills with Chomp grants permanent health increase. If you farm minion waves frequently and keep racking kills with Chomp you can probably get up to about 6000 health or so.

  • Ice Wall is somewhat underwhelming, yes. It can be used extremely well to protect teammates, preventing enemies from fleeing or delaying minions. Or theoretically at least. In practice it dies quite quickly at times, and could certainly use a buff. I think it’s be good if they added something to his ultimate to make it slightly more viable, but not too much is needed. It’d be nice if they could simply increase “small” things with it such as making ghe wall considerably stronger so it’s either really difficult to kill or even invincible, increase the casting range and/or increase the stun area around it.
    Was actually talking a while ago about Kelvin with a friend about his ultimate, and we thought it’d be cool if he had a Frost breath ultimate. Doing damage, heavily slowing and disorienting all enemies in front of Kelvin for a few seconds. It’d still play well into his kit as a controller and make his ult more interesting.

What Kelvin needs is a helix-tree redesign to make more options interesting and allow for more versatile builds. Kelvin has a lot of bad helix options and could benefit from from an indirect buff through his helix options.

Edit: If you’d like to watch parts of it for reference, have uploaded raw gameplay of a competitive match I had a few days ago when playing Kelvin on Outskirts. Then you can see how he can play in early, mid- and late game. Or at least how I play him. I was solo-queuing when put in this match, and the rest of my team were a pre-made of 4. Not sure about the opponents. The healer I was with saved me on numerous occasions and allowed me to stay in lane. Kelvin needs a support to be able to stay in lane, at which point he wrecks.

i dont have a prob with ice wall i just think for a special its weak

ice walls best feature beside the stun and body block, imo, is that kelvin can chomp through it. your team and enemies cant shoot through it, but you can eat whatevers on the other side.

i played kelvin i think exclusively in my last stream a couple night ago and enjoyed it heavily.

ill be uploading matches to youtube sometime too, i broke the stream up for that very purpose.

I find this to be contradictory.

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So do I xD
But case in point being, in other words, that its fine, but is something that just could have and could still be of better potential I presume. And its true, placing an immobile object just seems kinda eh.

I agree that Ice Wall is lame but… Chomp is great. No replacing. Na-uh.

Kelvin is one of my favorites. Ice Wall may need a health buff but it’s really not all that bad. Use it in bottlenecks or pretty much anywhere in the central part of the map. The Great Wall augment is also helpful on wider maps like Monuments, but the cooldown augment is probably better on, say, Overgrowth or close quarters maps. Especially if combined with cooldown gear.

As for the slow, I’d like a visual AoE indicator as to how far it reaches. Ice spikes on the ground or a cool mist or something like that.

Oh, and people seem to forget about the second delay before deployment. Perhaps they should halve to make it easier to control, but once you get used to it – and you will – it’s no big deal.

Chomp should definitely NOT be Kelvin’s special. It is his bread and butter. The Wall is an interesting defensive and trap option, it should be kept his ultimate, but buffed a wee bit for QoL.

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You say ice wall is bad huh? Just need to learn how to place it :smile:

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Compared to all the other stuns in the game… It might beat Raths stun but otherwise for an ult it is bad.

Your order is a little off. Sublimate, stun, deactivate, ground pound, frame cancel ground pound with chomp then ground pound again or run.

You don’t need to do a 180. Simply look down and cast ice wall at your feet and you’ll run through but the enemy won’t. I typically jump as I cast it down at my feet just in case I wasn’t looking down enough.