Kelvin, The Ice Swarm Monster

If Donald Trump played Battleborn, Kelvin would be his go to character.

He’s great at BUILDING WALLS!

(Bad joke drum roll here)

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I hate that I laughed at this terrible joke. But I shamefully admit it.

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I stunned a dude while playin with buds and in the cray cray excitement of the great game I yelled “I trumped them bitches”

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I’m a Master of Kelvin now, he’s awesome, you can beat every other battleborn with him

I’m 5 levels away from mastery, already finished all of the lore challenges though. He really has no weakness. 1v1 he beats everyone. 2v2 with anyone helping he beats everyone. Full health, depending on who it is, he even 1v2 beats them. That said, most kelvins i face are really bad compared to me so maybe only good kelvins are this good. Honestly, I do not think he needs any sort of nerf but he is rediculously good in the right hands, I definitely agree.

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I don’t know which forum post it is but there is a photo of kelvin with a trump hat on these forums somewhere.

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Haha A kelvin user!? I’d like to play a few matches with you to complete the Miko lore challenge haha no one plays Kelvin (can’t say I blame them he has a steep learning curve I can’t work him out either)

They’ll nerf him eventually. His get out of jail free move with his already high health, and the fact that it stuns… I just can’t see it staying.

too bad, Kelvin is one of the strongest battleborn ! ( Master of Kevlin talking here)

Do you play xb1?

Nah PS4 unfortunately haha

Ah, oh well.

I “main” thorn if you call playing her all the time (and being good) maining, but I love Kelvin honestly. They’re almost complete opposites but I love them both. Kelvin has such cool banter and I find him very useful in incursion or meltdown and I really do love himself :slight_smile:

And sadly I laughed at that joke

But trump wouldn’t like him yknow why?
Cuz he would be the one building it