Kelvin this breaks my heart

So has anyone played kevlin and killed miko?
Instead of some funning ice pun you get this heart breaking NOOOO i feel bad for killing miko as kelvin.

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Omg I don’t think I ever have and now I don’t ever want to.

He also does it on an assist I believe.

When orendi kills Reyna she yells “Reyna I love you!” There are several people who feel bad about killing others. :frowning:

Yeah. Its such an emotional “NOOOO!” too! The voice actor must’ve had fun with that one.

Otherwise you beat Miko and Kel goes “Miko… We used to be so cool!”

Now I wonder about Phoebe killing Caldarius. Being as she has the hots for him. (At least his assault frame.)

When I killed Miko as Kelvin, he said "oh dear…I’ve killed my first friend…"
He says it as depressingly as you can imagine, haha


noo that breaks my heart :sob: