Kelvin unable to purchase middle gear item

This has happened a few times to me now, on Void’s Edge with Kelvin only so far. It does not seem to be any particular item or what order they are purchased, but always the middle gear is un-buyable. I have tried remapping controller buttons before and after the bug to no avail. I can still purchase all turrets and wolf sentry upgrades. I have 2 twitch stream clips of the occurrence. The first of which, the server shut down on us and we lost all lore progress along with not being able to rejoin. Has anyone else experienced this before? :expressionless:

Link to one of the bug videos

I have had it happen once with Boldur, legendary gear, center item. Notification stayed up on the right and attempting to activate the gear would just close the loadout. Unsure of cause. I experienced this issue on PC.

Exactly what it did for me… Atleast I’m not alone.

No, you are not alone: Same has happened to me with Miko, but was the right hand side gear in my case.

I am not 100%, but think it was during Incursion/Overgrowth.

And as I’m on PS4, with @Rado on PC and you on Xbox, the issue seems cross-platform.

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I’ve had it happen a couple of times (PS4). It doesn’t seem to be character dependant, as it has happened with Mellka and Thorn.

The only possible cause I can think of is cc during purchase. I only think this because you can cancel Alani’s wellspring if you time a stun correctly. It still uses the osmosis stacks. Perhaps the same thing happens? The game attempts to purchase it and cancels the purchase because of stun?

That may cause it initially, but the item is still un-purchasable throughout the game even after a respawn.