Kelvins eyes are in his mouth :(8)

anybody else notice that kelvin sees through his mouth in battle? weird

And Attikus’ are in his chest. Gearbox opted for the “cool” factor over a realistic one.

Kelvin make sense… His heart(?) Or the colony is his brain/eyes make sense.

Attikus… I have no fking idea why lol

Kelvin only sees what he wants to see, his next meal.

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I think the case for Attikus is utility. I realized when playing him earlier today that in order to just attack minions, I had to be looking almost straight down, which is a severe hinderence if you want a general idea where your opponents are. At least with his point of view being lower than his head, he doesn’t have to look as far down (though it’s still a problem, in my opinion).

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That also makes hil crit easier on many battleborns