Kelvin's Micro Macro Mist Me Lore Challenge

Is this lore challenge even doable?

On the PS4, while playing Incursion on Monuments, I’ve managed to stun 3 enemies with Sublimate numerous times. I figured if I didn’t trigger a count on the challenge, 1of the some 7-8 times I had done it would’ve counted. It would’ve been brutal to keep trying to do this over and over, but at the very least if it counted once every so often, it’ll eventually get done.

Checked my Lore Challenges and of course, 0/10.

It only works when you stun Battleborn. And it’s glitched to not register in Bots Battle, so you can only get it in live PvP.


It doesn’t work in Botbattles. They didn’t fixed it in the June update :angry:.

Hopefully, it will be fixed in the Last update.

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Fantastic. Good to know I blew hours on this not realizing it wasn’t fixed.