Kelvins Ultimate should do Damage

I heard about the next patch and they nerfed his speed and duration but made his ult instantly but does no damage uhh what? He doesn’t need two stun with one of them doing no damage. His ice wall needs to do some damage not alot but scale to 400-500 damage should be fair.

[quote=“Anime7425, post:1, topic:1541047, full:true”]scale to 400-500 damage should be fair.

That is a lot. Thorn’s ult deals something like 600-700 damage and she’s a straight up DPS/sniper.

Something a lot of people don’t realize about Kelvin is that, even in PvP, it’s pretty easy to much enough minions to get his Chomp throwing out 500-600+ damage every 6 seconds (or less). That’s pretty good for a tank, especially one with the excellent control options he’s already got.

My worry with the reduction in speed/duration of Sublimate is that it’s going to be even harder to get the triple stuns required for his lore challenge. I can understand their reasoning for reducing those values since it was a really powerful tool for both offense, defense, control, and escape, but it’s going to have the side effect making that lore challenge a fair bit more difficult. Hopefully, along with the Sublimate nerf, they’re going to nerf the 3 target stun down to 2 to make it more reasonable with the new Sublimate.

Well it makes up for everything he has because he doesn’t do much melee damage or ability damage compared to other Melees. It’s spikes that come out the ground and you receive no damage? I’m not seeing the picture clearly.

They should also buff his shield decrease speed because it’s very useless the first hit you receive from the enemy.

That I can definitely understand. I probably should have said something about it, but I do agree that it should do some damage. 400-500, however, is a bit high, especially for an ult that provides cover, a stun, and is on a tank.

[quote]They should also buff his shield decrease speed because it’s very useless the first hit you receive from the enemy.

Eh, I’ve always found his shield to be very useful. My only real problem with it is that it starts plummeting as soon as you get it (if not, very soon after) so you have to be spamming his skills to get much use out of it. Of course, it does also mean that he gets a fair chunk out of shield value (and maybe even shield recharge speed) because it lets him stack it higher.

As to his speed, as a melee with a pretty limited attack range, he needs the speed to actually catch his opponents. If he was slower, it would be a lot harder to catch a target for a Chomp.