Kensai is it bugged or is this what Gearbox want?

Hi there vault Hunters!

Nowadays, i am really into Amara and really would love to use kesai. But now kensai class mod is not working as I expected or WE expected.

After I read the text on Kensai Classmod, i thought i could use meele artifacts like White Elephant, Statsic Charge…etc and skills like Body and Mind with every guns.

Honestly, it would be really fun, if we use reflux with body and mind and white elephant.

It is not that thing that i want something impossible. I just want kensaid class mod to work as text on class mod says.

What are you guys thinking about this class mod?

Are you guys happy about it?

From what I understand the issue is that the Kensei specifically adds pure elemental melee damage and the White Elephant and some others only get triggered by base melee damage (no idea why, but maybe it has to do with preventing bonus elements from placing extra stickies or something like that).

Hm… but i still want it allow me to use meele artifacts even if it does elemental meele damage… anyway elemetal damage is meele damage too…

It is just sad that kensai is not working as expected. It would be really good fun to use.