Kensei, or, “the one thing I wanted was my biggest disappointment”

I was ecstatic when I saw the preview for kensei. A surface reading left literally my entire play group with the impression that, y’know, it was melee damage in all the ways we’d expect.

I’m really not sure why y’all went this route. If it was some balance concern, I would’ve honestly been happy with an artifact that said, ‘while wearing this, your damage values are unchanged, but all damage counts as melee for purposes of interactions’ or some such.

Basically I wanted to do a face puncher-like build, except not tied into using face punchers all the bloody time. That would’ve been something super unique for Amara. Instead it effectively works as a 6 second damage amp on action skill.

It’s nice that for the short window there are big damage numbers, but going the other route would have been a lot more interesting, IMO.

Oh well.