Kernels Legendaries for Trade

It’s not much but I’ll keep updating as I get more stuff:

Infinity (Anointed with 100% melee damage on skill end)
Searing Rabid Kaos
Shredded Scourge
Compressing Fireball
Mind Melt Otto Idol
Toxic Revenger Static Charge Artifact
Transformer Shield
Hemorrhaging Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Shield
The Flood
Executor Zane Class Mod

I would like Zane mods or Deathless artifact with +damage or +mag size. Feel free to offer me whatever. I’m in the process of figuring out what stuff I like.

GT on Xbox is “Kernel Lynch”

I’d like that brawler wars of it has 300% damage after it breaks

I’ve got some Zane mods, a deathless relic, and some others, I’ll look.


Sure, here’s some of what I’ve got

I’ve got tons of guns as well, what playstyle have you been liking so far, and I can give you some ideas if you don’t want any of those items.

Well I’m playing Zane so anything that helps with the lack of damage lmao. I’d like to try a Lucians call or something. I’m kinda interested in that deathless relic even though the rolls arent amazing. Could you throw in some gun that you don’t care for that you think might be worth trying for me?

I’m interested myself in that spark plug idol here’s a list of stuff I have but it doesn’t have everything yet

Sure I can do the relic and a gun. These two have been pretty popular

The Cutsman looks cool, since I already have a Night Hawkin. Are you on rn? What’s your GT?

Yeah, I’m on now. My gamertag is Hunter0471