Key bindings for offensive abilities

I’m not sure how much this has been discussed, but a lot of the keybindings are very difficult to remember. They are combinations like ctrl+shift+s for scout speedboost and who knows what for heavy corvettes barrage, missile destroyer barrage, etc. Would it be possible to see some of these keys mapped to the same button? I think the possibility that someone would want to tell scouts to use speedboost, missile destroyers to barrage, heavy corvettes to use burst, and salvage corvettes to salvage all at the same time is quite low. I would like to see all offensive keybindings bound to the same key. EMP, barrage, burst, etc should all be on one keybind. The menu currently does not allow me to set these all to the same keybinding.

it’s currently not possible, as each “action” has a different index in the function that activates “special” attacks.

I’m pretty surre that it would need a hardcode change for it to work the way you describe (perhaps adding this index directly into the .ship file would be a solution)

The “Special Attack” hotkey works for all these abilities: EMP (hw2 scouts), Missile Volley (hw1 miss DD), Burst Attack (heavy corvs). Its Z by default.

The “Custom Toggle” hotkey works for all these abilities: Gravity Well, Speed Burst (hw1 scouts), Drones (kus drone frig). Its Ctrl+Shift+Z by default

I don’t see why they couldn’t use the z key for all the specials as in HW1.

There are pros and cons to this. If you learn the right hotkeys, then you can more easily select an entire group of mixed ships and use their abilities separately. On the other hand, you could use control groups to separate out ships and use their abilities separately that way with a single “special” hotkey, but for some this can take more time and you’re limited to 10 groups (and reaching over to 0 isn’t always ideal). However, when unique special ability hotkeys have three keys you have to press to activate the ability, it can get pretty difficult.

I actually wouldn’t mind having both. Just a single hotkey for a quick select-then-use action which could be toggled on or off in settings. Then, for large battles and multiple-front battles, unique hotkeys. What I would really love is if the unique ones could be customized, though. Since I typically base my control groups off of roles (anti-fighter units, anti-capital units, versatile units, repair units, a fleet section for a specific purpose like harassment or important ship-sniping, etc), I would personally really benefit from this system due to sometimes having mixed classes and multiple abilities in a control group, but such hotkey versatility could be beneficial for many different playstyles.

Uh ?

This is the current keybindings.lua :

{ 146, "MainUI_UserEventData2( eSpecialAttack, 0, 2)", INKE_KeyDown, 0, "$5434", { EKEY } }, -- EMP
{ 148, "MainUI_UserEventData2( eSpecialAttack, 0, 6)", INKE_KeyDown, 0, "$5449", { CONTROLKEY, SHIFTKEY, MKEY } }, -- Missile Volley    
{ 172, "MainUI_UserEventData2( eSpecialAttack, 0, 7)", INKE_KeyDown, 0, "$5519", { CONTROLKEY, SHIFTKEY, BKEY } }, -- Burst Attack

{ 170, eCustomToggle, INKE_KeyDown, -1, "$5448", { CONTROLKEY, SHIFTKEY, ZKEY } }, -- Gravwell Generator
{ 173, "MainUI_UserEventData( eCustomActivate, 3 )", INKE_KeyDown, 0, "$5518", { CONTROLKEY, SHIFTKEY, SKEY } }, -- SpeedBurst
{ 174, "MainUI_UserEventData( eCustomToggle, 2 )", INKE_KeyDown, 0, "$5517", { CONTROLKEY, SHIFTKEY, DKEY } }, -- Drone Activate

each of them have a different keybinding and a different sub-parameter for the called function.

Or did I missunderstand completely what you said ?

Your thinking WAY too hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

So Missile Volley for example can be activated with “Ctrl+Shift+M” (its own hotkey), or with “Z” (general Special Attack hotkey).

Edit: looking at keybindings.lua you can see the first 3 all can be called by “eSpecialAttack” which is Z by default, and the last 3 can be called by eCustomToggle/eCustomActivate which is Ctrl+Shift+Z by default.

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ohh, I didn’t know that ! Just tested it, and it effectively works !
So the function called without any sub parameter will directly do the action associated to the ship(s) selected, that’s good to know ! Thanks for the info ! :slight_smile:

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