Key bindings for PC FoV change no longer working

For the past few months I was using a Pastebin key binding list from a certain Youtube video (can’t post the actual video since said video stars a user that’s banned from the boards) for changing my FoV to 95.

When I went to play Borderlands this afternoon, I discovered all my resolution settings had been reset, and I could no longer change my FoV. So I consulted the video again and copied the pastebin to the correct folder. However, after checking five times, erasing the pastebins and re-posting them, I still cannot change my FoV and have zero idea what the issue could be.

Can anyone help me out with this? Are there any other ways or methods of changing FoV?

There are many sources other than the names we are not allowed to mention for the FOV fix. Such as this one:

Borderlands WiKi PC Tweaks

This is what I am using to adjust FOV during gameplay.

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Okay, got it figured out. Only different thing I needed to do was paste within a different category on the same file- now it works fine. Thank you Ace! :smiley:

… Glad you got it figured out Mitsurules.