Key math lessons from 'behind burst dash' post

hey can anyone make a bullet-point list of the key math general lessons in

there’s no table of contents or anything

i dont know really any math, thanks

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There is a “Key points” in that post;

Key Points and formulas

Note – This section is intended to serve as a post review of all the most important stats and information to consider when looking at burst dash damage. It’s also here so that you can reference for the last few parts without going through the whole post. – End Note.

At level 1 burst dash does 208 damage and scales linearly by 8 each time, for a total of 280 static base damage.
With all gear at maximum stats, if you have a shield capacity gear in each slot you will have a 636 capacity shield, for a 318 more dynamic base damage.
Total base damage is equal to 598.
Multipliers factor in multiplicatively.
At max stats you can have two skill damage multipliers, one worth 9.1% extra damage, and one worth 5.46%.
Burst Brawler is worth 15% extra damage
EOS is worth 25% extra damage.
Skill damage buffs multiply the EOS percentage bonus
Total damage formula: (static base + dynamic base) x skill damage x burst brawler x EOS = total damage

EOS multiplier formula: 25 x skill damage 1 x skill damage 2 x skill damage 3 x etc.

Note – Omit values you do not use in these equations, DO NOT set them to zero. – End Note

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I’ll post a better answer here but feel free to PM me as well. The math itself isn’t complex once you break down the pieces

When dealing with stats any reduction would be a multiplier below 1, 5% DR is .95 multiplier for example

And any increase is a multiplier above 1 so a 5% increase is a multiplier of 1.05

For a a very old thread I did breaking down the math

The numbers are outdated but beyond bola’s functionality change the processes I listed there are the same

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