Key rebinding havoc

The key rebinding in BL3 is … a mess. I have a funny key layout I like (in particularly it uses “t”), but although one can rebind t to walk forwards, it lags the game on every t press because it is also ALWAYS bound to do some social talking. The best I can do so far is to use AutohotKey, but that is insane way to do this.

Any fixes on the horizon? I’d be happy to be able to edit some ini file as well, but this limited rebind is silly.

You’re right, it’s the same as the Z/Y key being reserved for Chat. Hard-coded buttons like this are a scourge in PC gaming; it’s sad to see that it’s a frequent issue even with newly released games these days.

…and all that we need is the access to config files. Sadly these are empty. I wonder where the game stores key binds.

Yeah, I just started playing and I have the exact same problem. A google search shows that their technical support was aware of it three months ago. No word on when, or even if, they are going to fix it.
As a work around, you can get AutoHotKey to change what keys the computer sees when you press the buttons on your keyboard (for example, you could set T to numkey9, then bind the action you want to numkey9, so when you press T, it sees numkey9 and does your action). There are videos about how to do it, because of how many people are impacted by the bad UI. Search for Borderlands 3 AutoHotKey.