Keyboard/Control Bugs/Improvements [v1.2.1]

V/A Key Improvements:

V/A should be hold-and-release keys: Mouse over location, press and hold the key for alignment (facing), release to move/attack-move. Also, show all terrain heights (some transparency), instead of just that within the selection radius.

Optionally: V/A could also be activated when holding the right mouse button for longer than 0.2-0.3 seconds. Ctrl-hold-RMB could function as A/attack-move (must relocate rotate camera to Alt). Otherwise, use RMB-click to move without alignment (or Ctrl-RMB-click for attack-move).

This can be done via autohotkey as a workaround, but has the unintended side-effect of activating bandbox selection if no units are selected (due to LMB-click). It also cannot be bound to RMB (but thumb button is fine), due to the way the game or Unity engine binds primary mouse button press/release events.

Control Bugs:

  1. LMB-click and hold (without moving the mouse a single pixel), then press V/A and drag the mouse (this also occurs if both LMB and V/A are pressed simultaneously). Both movement and bandbox selection indicators will appear simultaneously, and the bandbox will remain after releasing LMB.

  2. When pressing V and moving, then pressing V again (while moving), the green tactical line vanishes. This is not the case when using A/attack-move (red line) as the first action (ie: attack-move tactical does not vanish, but move tactical indicator does). Minor issue.

  3. Pressing S to stop a unit during a V/A alignment (facing) move order, will cause the unit to stop, but continue rotating to new heading orientation (ie: carrier).

  4. Tabbing through unit types/classes in a control group is problematic, and often cycles over the same group multiple times. This makes using unit abilities in control groups frustrating/difficult.

  5. Unit list is re-ordered when (shift) adding/removing units to/from a group of the same unit type, causing confusion.

  6. Adding units to a control group should remove them from existing groups; redundant (additional actions must be performed by individually selecting and removing them from previous groups).

  7. Sticky unit selection option should be enabled by default, otherwise unit selection may appear ‘buggy’/inconsistent. Use Esc to cancel the selection (or rebind via autohotkey).

Other Bugs:

  1. Bonus (Aircraft bug/oversight): Cannot retire aircraft, and sometimes they will not dock automatically, circling the carrier until told to do so manually.

  2. Bonus (AI salvager bug): Often, the AI simply builds 30+ salvagers (barely any units), and no production/support cruisers, simply ferrying resources to carrier from all over the map. AI testing performed here: Suggestion: SP skirmish, 2v1, 3v1 - AI vs player?

  3. Bonus (ATI driver hang/crash): 4 occurrences in 32 hours. Occurs randomly, not after prolonged periods. This may be a Unity engine issue, as it also occurs in another Unity title. Does not occur in other games, or very infrequently. Sapphire Radeon 7870ghz edition (2GB GDDR5), Intel i5-3570k (3.4ghz), 16gb DDR3-1600, Win7 x64 Pro, latest Crimson drivers (also occurs with Catalyst).

Gaalsien Production Cruiser UI/Control Improvements:

Essentially, make all production queues visible/manageable from the carrier, to streamline Coalition/Gaalsien control schemes.

Limit to 3 production cruisers, and add 2 unit abilities to each: Set primary, and set secondary, the last (3rd) will be tertiary/backup. Thus, units can be queued from the carrier in batches, as well as each production cruiser individually (manually), without the need to select all production cruisers (F4), and would function almost identically to Coalition, via the ~ (tilde) key.

Minimalist UI:

I’ll write up a detailed post later, but briefly: Condense research/upgrades into a band of icons with backdrop progress bar along the top edge of the screen. Remove sensors manager icon (causes plenty of misclicks), or minimize and move to right of control group icons, move the other misc icons to the left, color-code unit list icons (HW2/remastered), more transparency for event notifications, zoom out, and provide ui scaling options.

Edit/Update - User Interface Improvements thread created here: Suggestion: User Interface Improvements [v1.2.1]