Keyboard discussion

I couldn’t find a specific thread dedicated to this and I’d really like to pool knowledge of gaming keyboards.

I’m saving up for a really good mechanical one (I don’t have a specific one in mind yet… it could be a long time before I find the money).

In the mean time I also need a decent keyboard that will work well for gaming. I guess it doesn’t have to be mechanical if none of those are ‘reasonably priced’. Right now I’m working on the cheapest that money can buy and it’s driving me mad, doesn’t game at all.

I need one that will be comfortable on my fingers because I type a lot, and fast.

Any thoughts?


Do you want a note pad, 60% etc?
Any prefered switches?
Do you care about LEDs?

My base recommendation is skip the fancy LEDs and for switches go with either gateron or cherry.
Also try diffrent switches in stores if you can.

I like keyboards

I’ll be honest and say I’m a noob when it comes to switches and their benefits, or any of the technical stuff!

I eventually have in mind lots of pretty flashing lights, but I can skip them for now in my search for a less perfect intermediary.

Right Gateron and Cherry are mostly the same by color code:
Red: linear

Blue: clicky tactile

Brown: “silent” tactiles, basicaly a mix of red and blue

Those are probely the most common switches.
If you can find any try them in a irl store.

Do you want a fullsize, TKL or 60% etc?
Also budget?

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Cool - thanks for that explanation! Keen for a full size.

I guess my budget for now is under $60, although I have dreams of a top price one eventually.

Well that’s kind of a tight budget if you want mechanical switches but there’s a lot of options, of the top of my head I can think of the Cherry Board 3.0 if you can find it.
I’d help you more but the keyboard market here is dry as a desert.

If you use Reddit there’s allways r/mechanicalkeyboards and r/keyboards

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I use a Corsair Vengeance K70 with the red Cherry switches and I love it. it doesn’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles (comes in red LED only), but it does everything I need and has helped my gaming.

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I’m much like Gulf, I’m a supporter of Corsair products.

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I prefer tactile keyboards even if they are a bit noisier than normal. For the last 9 months I’ve been rocking a G.Skill 780 RGB keyboard with cherry red switches. It is an relatively expensive keyboard yet so far this one hasn’t given me a lick of problems. If there is an issue with any of the keys they can be replaced relatively easily.

The software is excellent. Best piece of keyboard software I’ve ever worked with. The amount of control is insane. The keyboard has G1 through G6 keys which can be programmed any way one would want. But it doesn’t stop there. Those keys can be programmed for three different functions each key. That is a lot of functionality. Standard Windows keys are there along with an on-keyboard volume control. I can tell you, for my purposes the volume control is a godsend. No having to reach for the headset volume control when it is readily accessible on the keyboard with very little movement.

They lighting can be setup to specific games or applications. Using Photoshop? Set the keys, assign a profile and go. Same with any games or applications.