Keyboard issues with Battleborn PC port

Let’s start by recalling some history:

Gbx port of Borderlands had, along with some performance issuses, a fixed key binds issues - there were some inventory etc functions bound permanently to certain keyboard keys, which was pissing ppl like me, ti using keyboard+mouse off, as pretty much 50% of gameplay there was loot management, and it was a helluva wrist-breaking experience.

In Borderlands 2 the overall performance was slightly improved (though Gbx seriously took on partnership with nVidia in graphics department), also menus gained some more mouse support which somewhat bypassedsome of the above problems.

Against B2 Battleborn is a total performance crap (obvious sell out to nVidia, not just exclusive particle effects). And along with performance issues it has both permanent keyboard keys binds and, additionally, those are inconsistent one, as:

  • the overall idea of Battleborn controlls is scarce, a “pad centric” I’d say, interface, always three choice options max, all operated by keyboard shortcuts, multipurpose keys aso (which I don’t mind, as it saves a lot of keyboard space)
  • the overall realisation of idea looks like this:
  1. To choose one of three types of buildables/bots (in Story Mode) I have to use keyboard shortcut keys 1, 2 and 3 (those are permabinded and located one next to another in top left corner of keyboard)

  2. But in Helix menu to choose one of [max] three options I have to use Q, F and E respectively (these are scattered around left side of keyboard). Options here can be operated by mouse as well (if one is able to foucus on finding cursor during intense action of course).

  3. On top of that we have Gear menu, where keyboard shortcuts (no mouse cursor allowed) for choosing among three Gear pieces are actually bindable …because they utilize skills hotkeys - mine are located around cursor keys (ti lower right corner of keyboard). Why the rest of choice pop-ups don’t use the same pattern is a mystery to me.

  4. We also got K and L shortcuts for managing game menus, G for taunt during Charater select aso, don’t get me started on this.

So, we got different controll patterns for buildables, Gear, Helix and other menus. Can’t this shortcuts be like configurable, or at least unified? Or do I have to jump from one corner of my keyboard to another during gameplay?

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So, about this. I just remapped my quick melee to F and my ultimate skill to 5 (gaming mouse). You know what else is now on the 5 key? The gear piece that used to correspond to F. You know what isn’t? The helix mutations that are still keyed to F.

Is it so much to ask for consistancy?

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I want to have separate keys for PVE buildables.

  1. Too many times I reload when a buildable is near me and it gets me stuck in place. Because it’s the same key for reload and buildable select.

  2. And when I need to build something fast, I need to stop and press two keys in a row. But there are 100+ keys on any keyboard, why can’t I have one separate key for each buildable option? Like Z, X and C or whatever you find comfortable for you.