Keyboard Layout messed up for non-US people

Is there a setting somewhere that I have not found yet? Not being able to type questionmarks and other characters is pretty user-unfriendly and should be possible to fix, right?


Yup same problem here. i sent them a ticket on it. and got the answer that they know about it.

Nice I had to play a Whole match with caps on for that… felt like a noob

Yes please fix that I can’t even find the ??? Sign ingame and i do know both keyboard configs english and german but ingame it’s totally messed up and neighter…

Yeah… I’m using hungarian keybrd. I had to use Alt+■■■■ to switch to eng layout to even be able to communicate.

Questionmark is either shift+! or shift +" (the ones next to enter).
I still have no clue how to write ’ or !