Keyboard won't respond

After I updated my mac my keyboard stopped responding correctly. The mouse, esc button and tab works correctly which means I can open my inventory, open the menu to (save and quit or change my settings), look around, shoot and swap weapons. When I try moving using WASD or jump with space one of those keys will force me to move left until i stop moving by pressing the esc button or opening my inventory. each time the button that forces me to go left is random out of WASD and space. I checked to see if any other button responded but none of them responded except for the buttons I mentioned earlier (I literally tried pushing every single button) I checked my key bindings which were fine, I tried resetting my key bindings, I tried restarting my game and steam several times and I also tried restarting my computer but none of these worked out for me. I know I can use a controller and I’ve tried that but I couldn’t really play with the controller because I really suck at fps games with a controller. please help me fix this keyboard crisis so I can play borderlands.