Keys and Golden Chest

When using Shift codes to obtain a Gold key…If I wait until I am a higher level would I obtain better items from the Golden Chest? Does It Matter?

Also if I enter Shift codes will the keys keep adding up or should I use Keys right after I enter the code?

There are lots of ways to get leveled up quicker … some more cheat-ish than others… but the best way is to just play the game and kill everything and do all the sidequests along the way.

It really is a fun game to just play through all the characters and play through levels.

That is also the best way to get a feel for the various abilities and build strategies.

Don’t take away your enjoyment by rushing it. It will all be over too soon anyways … well if say 200+ hours is too soon … and it was … I kinda miss it.

With my job I dont have that time and after playing the 1st game I do not want to wait to level up. I am looking for mods or have heard if I sign on with a person that is already level 50 I would level up faster.

Mods are not something that is allowed to be disscussed on these forums.

They not only violate the forum rules, but they break your consoles terms of service as well.
Please refrain from asking for such things here again, thanks.


If I joined a party of a higher level person and that helps me level up faster that has Nothing to do with violating the console terms and conditions. I am looking for help regarding my question that is all

Powerleving is fine. You can do that until your hearts content. Mods are not.

I will agree to disagree. If someone purchases a system and a game they have the right to play and do what they want. Mods are up to a players choice in any game

Well now you are on Gearboxes official forums. So you must abide by the rules they have laid out here, whether of not you agree with me.

Anyway…you can find someone to powerlevel you in the online play categories. There is one for each platform.

Very true

Still my only ? was about the keys

Items from the golden chest will always always level with you. So yes, if you wait until later to use them, youll get something better than say, what would get if you opened it at level 12.

Thank you. do you know if I keep entering codes will they add up or do I have to use the keys before enteirng new codes?

They will keep adding up. No reason to only put in one code at a time. If i remember correctly, you can hold a total of 255 keys.

thanks!!! your the best

Hey no problem friendo! Happy looting!

Yeah, keys will keep accumulating. I entered a bunch of codes about half a year ago and have yet to actually use a key. They’re all still available to my character, so there’s no need to use them immediately.

When I went to start my game today all of my keys are now gone I tried to reenter the code but it states the codes already entered. Any help/suggestions

You pay for the permission to play the game, you don’t buy the entire game, so you have to play at the rules of the games owner. Gearbox in this case

That has nothing to do with my question whatsoever

Did you happen to lose any of your badass rank as well? You may have been hit with a glitch.
Anyway, try sending in a support ticket here :

Let them know you lost some keys (and badass rank if applicable)

Noting further on the badass rank : if you did lose a chunk of it, reload each one of your characters one after the other. That should restore it for the most part.

If you didn’t lose your rank, well then I just rambled on for nothing.

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