Keys from those skellymen!

Today I saw 3 Skellymen keys available. I input the code in Shift and it accepted it. That was cool. I’m going to assume that these would either be available in the stand alone of bunkers and badasses or in Wonderland. I’m still in the fence about buying either, but nice to know I have some keys to get some better gear if I do. The code is K9533-ZS9ZH-CRC6H-R3J3T-WRHHR


It’s for Dragon Keep standalone. If you have it for BL2, buying standalone is waste of money.


Well, there is something to be said for playing it from Level 1. More importantly, the fact that you can get Seraph crystals just from normal drops (badasses? bosses?) is a very neat addition for me - I had a very complicated relationship with raid bosses in BL2. Or may be it was not complicated after all - I simply avoided them like a plague.


The original in BL2 has always been my favorite. It is and I figure will remain my favorite for the foreseeable future.
But at least I’ll have skelly keys!

It’s not the money, it’s only $10 and there is something to be said for playing it as a level one, there is also something in knowing what’s hiding around the next corner as I played it a lot, and seraph crystals… Well I never got any of them in all my play throughs anywhere in BL2.
The off putting thing about this is why these “Epic folk” get it free?
I get it that it’s expensive to produce these things, and I loved the free commander Lilith lead up to BL3. But here’s the thing, I bought the original BL2, I upgraded from xbox 360 to Xbox one then to Xbox one X to get 4K and bought the new BL2 I own all the BL series and all DLC’s including the last horrific one. So you’ve been getting my $. For the very first time I stood in line at my local store on the BL3 release date, it was fun, and interesting and I’m an old man! There is nothing on my Xboxes except Borderlands.
I get it you’re trying to get a build up for Wonderlands, but many people like me have posted that they were going to wait to pre order or not order at all until the jury is in on it. Maybe a free for all, or at the very least for those that have BL2 might have swayed my decision to pre order the Chaotic great version.
Maybe even bought a new console to take advantage of the power and graphics and bought the top of the line one.
I’m probably not going to be standing in line this time, and will wait until the price gets halved or its in the bargain bin in the game store.
But I’ll have skelly keys!:grin::grin:

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Probably because Epic is paying 2K/GBX in order to further promote the EGS? It fits their (Epic’s) pattern, anyway. Money talks, and the folks at Epic have rather a lot of it.