Khaaneph balance suggestions

(Tren) #1

Overall Khaaneph are a very interesting twist on Gaalsien,
Their Baserunner has alot more impact and influence on the field thanks to smoke and its blast drones, while their late game suffers due to their soft Carrier, inaccurate siege cruiser and weak scouting.
Some of this is warranted, however I feel Khaan is practically blind from a scouting prospective and their carrier can easily stumble into fights it cannot deal with.
So some changes I would propose.

Lv1-3 of regen system grant 5 armor per lv
This gives Khaan players some flexibility to mitigate incoming damage, as well as putting incentive into proactively using Regen, rather than just to top the carrier hp back up.
This also has the added effect of diverting power from the otherwise dominant missile system

Khaan carrier weapon system power grants vision bonus(shared with production cruisers)
The Khaan weapon system is the least used power system in the khaan carrier and for good reason, it powers a relatively weak missile launcher and 2 pds, there is very little to gain and there is no range system to combo it with.
Thus adding a sight range bonus and linking it to the PCs would open up a new and unique scouting tool while again drawing power from the typical mobility or missile systems.

Khaan siege cruiser regen nerf
The Khaan siege cruisers are largely in a good place, operating as a sort of assault cruiser with better long range abilities, however it is all too easy for a siege cruiser to survive an engagement and fully heal before any real follow up can finish it off, nerfing their regen would simply increase their downtime and increase the window of opportunity to eliminate them.



The problem with early armor for the Khaan Carrier is it encourages a more aggressive use of it in early game. If applied with the range buff to the gun system, it adds a whole different way to play, without sacrificing the power of the missile barrage to harrass economy.

And considering that power levels can be acquired through artifacts, this makes the Khaan Carrier a rival to with the Gaalsien, but with a much better early game.


(Tren) #3

Keep in mind I am not suggestion any buff to the Khaan weapons firing range, just vision.

Further more keep in mind the Khaaneph carrier is the second slowest in the game (40 speed vs Coal/Soban 60) max power to mobility system only gives 20 more speed.

even with power lv3 in regen the Khaan carrier goes from 25 armour to 40 armour, this has the most impact on units such as the assault cruiser and Assault rails, which currently butcher the Khaan carrier given chance.
To get that you are investing 6 power into a non combat system, that is 6 power not invested in The missile system. regardless of dynamic shunting there is no way to have that power offering you protection and fire power at once, especially if you are charging weapons to even seen where you are aiming.

Don’t get me wrong I can see where your concern lies, but any other carrier with that level of power is already doing that with far greater autonomy.


(RagnaroK) #4

Again, I pretty much agree with all of the OPs suggestions.

I would go so far as to remove the Honorguard Cruiser from the Khaaneph roster in fact. Mostly to give the Gaalsien something unique other than their Carrier. It could be replaced with an Assault Cruiser variant or something like that. Or perhaps a Repair Cruiser that has an activated aura or beams to repair units, while removing the auto repair from their cruisers all together.

Anything that further differentiates factions I am a fan of.


(Tren) #5

I don’t know the Khaan siege cruiser already does all the assault cruiser duties…and more.

I can’t really think of anything meaningful to replace it is the problem…which I suspect was the dev teams issue, just chanding it cosmetically to fire something that looks dirtier would probably do, remove the red glow and put a high speed missile effect in.
But it is purely cosmetic.

With that said I think BR blast drones need an initial cooldown like the BR turrets for Coal, these things can put on some extremely potent early game pressure that is particularly effective vs Coal.