Khimera's Battleborn Patch v1.6

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #41

Patch v1.4



  • Emergence: Doubled the height at which Emergence can damage enemies.


  • Primal Lunge: Primal Lunge can now be activated while charging a Hook, causing the Hook to cancel.


  • Helix: (L8) Alleviating Aegis - Activating Boldurdash will now cleanse Boldur, as well as making him immune to crowd control effects for the duration.
  • Ekkuni Greatshield: Animations canceled by Boldur’s shield do not apply their effects.


  • TMP and Energy Blade: Fixed an issue where Caldarius’ reticle doesn’t quite line up correctly with where his TMP fires.


  • Holotwin: Holotwin now scales with Deande’s gear and all applicable helix choices.
  • Holowtwin: Fixed an issue where Holotwin did reduced damage on its initial attacks.


  • Sentinel’s Greatshield (Removed): Absorbing damage with the Greatshield no longer prevents Galilea’s shield from recharging.
  • Helix: (L8) Blood-Soaked Anguish - While standing in Desecrate, Galilea heals herself for a portion of the damage she takes. 30% Damage Taken as Healing


  • Omega Strike: Removed the damage fall off from the main gun.
  • Omega Strike: Added the duration of the overshield.
  • Helix: (R2) It’s Never Over :stuck_out_tongue: - At the end of its duration, Rotating Wards creates an overshield on ISIC for a brief period, equal to a portion of the damage each ward blocked. 50% Damage Blocked as Overshield for 8 Seconds


  • Tactical Battle Chair: Improved the description to include the base shield capacity increase that Kleese receives.
  • Tactical Battle Chair: Added the ability to soft cancel extended jumps.


  • Helix: (R6) Distant Time (Removed) - Increases the casting range of Predatory Strike.
  • Helix: (L6) Long-Haul Hoodini - Increases Predatory Strike’s casting range. In addition, if an enemy is in Marquis’ crosshairs when he cast Predatory Strike, the owl will immediately acquire and attack them. +30% Cast Distance
  • Helix: (L1) The Great(er) Hoodini - Increases Predatory Strike damage. In addition, enemies acquired or damaged by Predatory Strike can not recharge their shields for a short time. +15% Damage, +5 Seconds Shield Recharge Prevention


  • Helix: (L4) Trail of Spores (Removed) - As well as increasing the range at which Miko can throw Cloud of Spores.


  • Technocratic Parry: Increased the duration to 2 seconds. Activating any skill or attack, besides Phoebe’s quick melee, cancels the parry. Added a resource meter to Phoebe’s HUD to indicate the time until the parry is off cooldown.
  • Helix: (L4) Unintended Innovation - Blade Rush deals increased damage, and explodes every time a rapier penetrates an enemy. +15% Damage

Shayne & Aurox

  • Aurox & Boomerang: Improved the description to include that Shayne’s Boomerang ricochets off of terrain an unlimited amount of times, and is only truly limited by their limited range.


  • Volley: Improved the description to include the number of ricochets.


  • Fleshed out Toby’s helix.

Whiskey Foxtrot

  • Scrap Cannon: Scrap Cannon now has unlimited range
  • Helix: (R8) On Point Flak - Scrap Cannon now has increased accuracy and no longer travels in an arc. +30% Accuracy


  • Bullet points: (Removed) Toby from the list of unfinished characters.
  • Text: Standardized all speed, projectile velocity, projectile speed, travel speed, and velocity descriptions to now be “velocity”.
  • Text: General text fixes.
  • Bonus: One “stealth” update.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #42

Patch v1.5



  • Pounce: Increased range of Pounce by 10% to account for that fact it can no longer be controlled by the player.


  • Helix: (L1) Axetration (Notes) - Added the functionality of having Axe Toss gain increased explosion radius while Rune Power is active, so that it isn’t a wasted helix while Runes of Power is active.


  • Diplomat’s Battle Garb: Added the fact that Dropkick no longer breaks Deande’s cloak, if doesn’t deal damage, to the description.
  • Helix: (M7) Jaw Breaker - Deactivating Deande’s cloak with a Dropkick now causes her to knock up the enemy she hit.

Kid Ultra

  • To The Rescue: Improved the description to include that it has a knock back, instead of a push back.


  • Helix: (L5) Shock Therapy (Notes) - Made the condition for CC immunity to now be above 90% shield capacity, but reaching max shield capacity no longer cleanses Kleese.
  • Black Hole: Improved the description to include delay before the pull.


  • Helix: (L10) Bindleblast(s) (Notes) - Added the functionality of having Bindleblast create a Temporal Distortion and Predatory Strike where it lands.


  • Helix: (R4) Deceptive Lunge - If Mellka hits an enemy with Claw Lunge, she will bounce backwards, as well as drawing in the enemy she hit.
  • Helix: (M4) Cut Throat - Activating Claw Lunge causes Mellka’s health regeneration to double for a short time. This effect last longer if Mellka hits an enemy. +100% Health Regeneration for 3-5 Seconds

Oscar Mike

  • Frag Grenade: Added the functionality of having Frag Grenade instantly refill Oscar’s Assault Rifle on use.
  • Helix: (L1) Far-Flung Frags (Notes) - Removed the range increase from this helix.


  • Helix: (L7) Core Overload - Repeatedly meleeing enemies within 2 seconds stacks reduced shield recharge delay up to 10 times. Up to -90% Shield Recharge Delay
  • Helix: (L4) Unintended Innovation (Notes) - Blade Rush also explodes when it hits terrain.


  • Helix: (L5) Conductive Blades - Genetic Syphon no longer steals life. Instead, a portion of all of Rath’s damage will charge his shield.
  • Helix: (M5) Swordsman’s Salve - Greatly increases Genetic Syphon’s life stealing properties for Rath’s melee attacks, but removes the effect from his skills. +30% Life Steal
  • Helix: (L7) Evasive Maneuvers - Added it back.


  • Helix: (M7) System Malfunction - Decreases the time required to fully charge Toby’s Railgun, as well as causing full charged critical hits to blind enemies. But Toby’s Railgun can no longer hold a charge, causing it to fire as soon as it reaches its max. -25% Charge Time, +0.5 Seconds Blind Duration
  • Boosters: Toby can now use Boosters during Core Discharge.
  • General: Greatly reduced the delay where Toby can’t fire his railgun after sprinting.

Whiskey Foxtrot

  • Combat Rhythm - For 5 seconds after a critical hit, or 10 seconds after a kill, Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle deals 25% increased damage.


  • Mechanics: All movement based abilities will no longer toggle off the sprint input after their conclusion. Allowing characters like Mellka to instantly sprint after using moves like Combat Slide, so long as they maintain the forward movement input.
  • Mechanics: Knock backs (Removed) - If the enemy hits an object or a non-Battleborn enemy, then they are stunned.
  • Text: General text fixes.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #43

I think that, like a few other characters, Toby is in the perfect place, and i personally don’t want him touched anymore. Could he be better? Absolutely; and i actually like some of your suggestions, @khimerakiller. However, Toby has LONG been in that gray area of “borderline OP, but only in skilled hands”, and i am EXTREMELY uneasy to add just ONE more log to that fire, because it could result in nerfs to his damage or survivability if he starts outperforming due to his mains having more tricks up their sleeves…

As to his stun, which i have long fought as being necessary for dealing with melee, so that he does not get countered by some of them as easily as the other snipers, i would actually be fine with it being dropped to one second, if the melee stunners were likewise gutted; hell, i’d take a silence instead if it meant that i myself would not have to worry about being chain-stunned anymore…

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #44

Not to be rude, but I wrote about how something like these issues would be a non-problem.

In terms of if Toby would be balanced or not, this thread is highly opinionated and has a new standard of power, of which all of the characters got a similar treatment. Some were more heavily buffed than others, like ISIC isn’t much more powerful than his day one self, but Attikus is now a monster. And that’s not just because I nerfed his counters and gave him a base health no character could melt through solo, but because his kit now works and his helix has synergy.

And I think I understand the characters pretty well, and I do a good job of enforcing the roles that I want them to play.

  • I didn’t touch Toby’s base DPS, because he has the highest sustained DPS at level 0 in the current Battleborn.
  • I kept his stun, but I burned Double hugs to a crisp.
  • I gave him a powerful helices, but with semi-drawbacks.
  • His Force Shield can now only be truly dealt with by snipers, not just every “Joe Schmo” Caldarius that looks at you. Now they’ll need to burn a skill (Flashbang) to counter a skill.
  • I know his weaknesses and counters (Force Shield and hit/crit box) so I kept them, but made them less glaring.

And at least in terms of stuns.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #45

Eh. I’d still prefer that he simply not be reworked at all, because my opinion is that he is a perfect case of “don’t fix what’s not broken”.

As to the Double Hug, i STILL advocate for removing CC from the second mine completely, but allowing it to deal full damage; that seems fair to me. More lane clear but no chain-CC.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #46

For all the power Toby has, he still has broken aspects.

  • Force Shield is one of the worst designed skills in the game.
  • The way Boosters interacts with itself is still a horrible design/oversight.
  • You yourself have made threads on broken helices like Remote Detonation.
  • Etc…

I understand most of you all are perfectly complacent and satisfied with whatever you’re given, but I desire for something greater.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #47

I’m not saying that i wouldn’t like it if said issues were addressed; but above all, because it has been shown time and time again that they can make it much, much worse, i do not want whoever is in charge of “balancing” at Gearbox to touch Toby, lest we have another El Dragon/Mellka incident that will not be resolved for months, if ever. I suppose i am just paranoid, but as i’ve said, it’s happened before when a charcter is overperforming, and putting all of those buffs in the hands of the Toby mains MAY lead to just that…

Also, the above qoute came off as a tad insulting, and i’ll just add that i’m no more complacent than you are power hungry…

(Deandes in crime ) #48

If that greater thing you desire isn’t the dankest of memes then I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop you right there sir. Now get back in line and complacently accept the character changes GBX gives us, just like everyone else.


Don’t worry fam. Nemo’s here to resolve the situation by making it worse. Now where is this power you speak of, I must have it…

(Penguin connoisseur.) #49

Hands Nemo a scavenger hunt map that suspiciously centers around retrieving a fish sandwich and a bottle of soda.

Here. Oh, and make sure that you bring the necessary items back to me to be… Judged…

[Inserts cheesy children’s anime response about how the power is already within Nemo]

(Deandes in crime ) #50

I already have the full collectors set of those

(Penguin connoisseur.) #51

Damn… Well then, power really comes from getting back on topic, so that i am not fed to a leapord seal!

Or a stun-chaining comp… That’s the dark side of power though…

(Deandes in crime ) #52

Topics were made to be strayed from

(Neb) #53

@khimerakiller Not to put a hole in your boat, but I noticed a problem. It might be considered OP by some, and would heavily effect the game.

My suggestion is that bullets only apply venom if consuming ammo. Otherwise, we have an infinite range, infinite ammo, infinite venom Melka. And that would attract nerfs.

But as a Melka main, I love this!!

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #54

That was sorta the point. (Tone doesn’t translate well in text, but I say that light-heartedly)

And really all it does is prevent you from needing to do a 0.75 second reload every 30 rounds. You also miss out on the canister damage. But the reason it looks strong, in a fun way, is because I expected it to primarily only be used in PvE. As you have to give up the now buffed Air Stall to get it.

So IMO Air Stall is still the stronger option in PvP, plus you have to wait until level 7 for it to truly come online. Mellka’s level 3 should now have similar uses and power to Thorn’s level 3.

I really appreciate all the support you’ve shown for this thread, but I don’t really expect Gearbox to take any of this into consideration.

This is sorta like when you were a kid and you were ask “What would you do if you were the President for a day?”. This thread shows what would happen if I had an unadulterated authority over Gearbox for a day.

But thanks for the feedback.

(Neb) #55

True, and when BB gets the fall update, maybe, just maybe, they’ll allow Moded support for offline (PvE only, no Marketplace bonus) play. I mean, that would be awesome!

Alas, I am coming from a reasonable route though, as if Melka had an irritating ability, the nerf hammer would be swung. I mean, look what happened 9 months (Holy shit, we have gone 9 months with little to no Eden and less Mell?)
Ago. We saw that filet Melka, then serve her up to the cc meta to be chewed and spat out.

At the same time, this could be so fun, and in a theoretical world, with all characters power levels like this, I would be hyped.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #56

And so, with my last day playing Battleborn for the foreseeable future, I’m posting the last patch I did a couple months ago. If I update this thread again, I more than likely won’t make another patch post. If anything, I’ll just edit this one.

Thanks for your time if you went through the trouble of reading this massive monolith of a thread. (43997 words)

Patch v1.6



  • Pounce: Pounce no longer excessively launches Attikus into the air when he leaps a very short distance.


  • General: 84 damage. Reverted Boldur’s quick melee damage to how it was before.


  • Helix: (R10) All in the Mind - Ghalt increases the damage of his shotgun, instead of equipping another one, allowing him to use his other skills. In addition, every shot Ghalt hits increases his shotgun’s attack speed. +100% Damage, +5% Attack Speed per Hit


  • Helix: (R4) Hot Lead (Notes) - Also, Montana’s movement speed is no longer reduced while using his Minigun.


  • Helix: (M3) I Have Four Arms! - Orendi’s off-hand melee strikes twice in quick succession, as well as granting her increased movement speed upon hitting an enemy. +30% Movement Speed for 1.5 Seconds

Oscar Mike

  • UPR-RDC Combat Armor: Oscar Mike’s jump resets upon touching any surface, including those that are vertical. Oscar Mike can reset his jump a maximum of 3 consecutive times.


  • Snake Eyes (Talent): Pendles’ natural evasive abilities grant him -25% CC Duration. In addition, Pendles cloaks himself whenever Smoke Bomb comes off cooldown.
  • Corner Sneak: Pendles’ jump height is no longer reduced while uncloaked.
  • Helix: (R10) Venom Synergy (Notes) - Added the functionality of allowing Pendles to attack and use Injection at the same time. Injection is now executed by an after image of Pendles.
  • Helix: (L10) Necrosis (Notes) - Added the functionality of having enemies no longer hear audio cues made by Pendles.
  • Helix: (R4) Savage Cut - After hitting an enemy with Injection, the target and nearby enemies suffer a portion of the damage dealt over a short time. +45% Damage over 3 Seconds
  • Helix: (R2) Ninjineering - For a short time after using Smoke Bomb, Pendles is immune to slows. +3 Seconds Slow Immunity

Whiskey Foxtrot

  • Scrap Cannon: Removed the delay after firing Scrap Cannon, where Whiskey can’t aim his Rifle.


  • Reverted all of the scaling changes introduced in the 10/19/17 patch.
  • Text: General text fixes.