Ki11er Six and Joltzdude are taking the week off

…right before the new DLC drops when there’s already been whispers of new skill trees and they were seen with lv.60 characters. Intriguing :thinking:


Both of them are level 60 with new weapons from dlc 3

So they cannot upload BL3 videos in case something accidentally leaks


Yeah, maybe. I just started wondering, what if Gearbox has been getting something extra ready. Moxsy has gone dark too. You’re right, they could just be playing/testing the new DLC.

It was leaked that both are level 60 already so…

Thursday is also when the DLC drops so probably on top of already being level 60, they probably have all the DLC gear already


They know eachother irl so i suspect theyre human and need to love eachother… All covered in butter.
For me loving someone is food…
But other ppls imaginations may vary.

KoolAid Voice

Oooh Yeaaauh

Computer streaming lyfe is tough


Who cares?
If they were honest in their videos I wouldn’t mind but they constantly make excuses for Gearbox and never mention how bad the game is in reality - and K6 should really get a proper job - no-one over 40 years old should be gaming full-time.


I think everyone at any age would love to be able to do what they enjoy for a living. You wouldn’t want to play games and get paid for it after 40?


Well, money is money after all. And women? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan mine takes my game time away!

Little weird to be implying that Joltz especially is a bad borderlands player. Besides that, I’d definitely rather be hearing positivity relating a game instead of just talking about how bad it is as they play it.


The question then is how much this gig pays. I do love my video games, but if you are asking me to take a 50% pay cut - yeah, not that interested.

There is something to be said for having hobbies separate from work. :slight_smile:


Oh for sure, but most streamers that concurrently have 3-4k viewers 2-5 times a week a stream are making 6 figures a year, which is more than I’m making now, that’s for sure.

This is a strange direction for this conversation to take. Talking about the validity of other people’s career choices or their salary is kind of impolite imo.


It’s called a non-disclosure agreement.

It is clear they have been testing and preparing to release content at the time of the DLC launch.

Easiest way to avoid leaks/slips is to no play when your account has that unreleased content attached to it.

Not world shaking stuff here.

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They’re pretty vocal about their thoughts on mayhem 2.0 on their streams, especially k6. I have no idea what you’re rambling about.


As someone who’s 54 and been a gamer my whole life, your statement is offensive. Why shouldn’t anyone be allowed to do what they want? If there weren’t an audience for 40+ year old gamers, then none of them would be doing it. His age doesn’t matter one bit. I like watching K6 because he’s entertaining and based on his number of viewers/subscribers, others agree with me.


Perhaps we should close this topic. I opened it to start some dialogue about what might be coming up on the game but never intended it to be a place for people to express ageism.


You’re going to be really sad when you realize that a great number of people who are responsible for the video games you play are my age or older, than your age.

If we all just stopped programming and “gaming”, and got “real jobs”, you’ll lose out on many of the very popular games, sites, and various other things related to gaming.

So, how about you just quiet down, and stop being ridiculous.


Yeah! I’m 62, and I only play 7 hours a day, so I’m not playing full-time!!!1!!!

Look Doc, I earned my ability to play games as long as I’d like per day, and it’s somewhat disingenuous to suggest that certain people need to play more or less.


There are quite a few YouTubers who are partnered with game companies and they often get early-access to new content to have enough time to make new videos about it. It’s just the usual spiel. Basically, I can guarantee that the minute the DLC goes live we will have multiple weapon guides out. That’s a natural part of the business of successful gaming-related content creators.