Ki11er Six and Joltzdude are taking the week off

Good that people are getting early looks at the patch but I hope they test it on all levels not just god level.

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They already have access and record footage

Hell I just turned 55 and if I could get away with it I would. Age makes no difference when it comes to gaming!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


K6 has been plenty vocal about some of the failings of this installment. And, I think much of what he suggests would be good targets for GBX to aim for.


Offended here too, being in that age demographic. Been playing games since alot here have been in diapers, maybe before.


There’s a significant number of relatively mature players here, including myself. I can only assume that demographic counts for something.

Now, maybe we can move on here?


Well, Joltz and K6 and them, haven’t seemed to go dark like this before most of the other content drops. I’m assuming, that with them already having been leaked to have level 60 characters, that GBX, with the importance of this patch in mind, gave these folks a shot at early access to the DLC and more importantly the patch, to really put it through it’s paces and get some feedback. Means we’re likely to see a fair bit of hotfixes attached to this patch, and hopefully means it’ll be an improvement over the last couple updates as far as being truly worthwhile. Plus, it could be an indicator that there are in fact new skill trees, and they wanted them all to have the extra time to play around with them and get their content ready. We’ll just have to wait and see, though, come Thursday.

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I’m expecting 4th trees(if they are real) with the DLC4 patch. I could be wrong though lol

I imagine 4th trees wouldn’t be dropped in with no announcement or buildup of hype. Same with level cap. They will probably be a few weeks removed at best.

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I don’t know what they’re going to do with the feedback for content that’s already been submitted for certification on the console platforms (PS4/XB1). It’s more likely that they gave them preview access so these two could prepare YouTube content to release the same time as, or shortly after, the DLC goes live Thursday.


A lot of things can be tweaked via hotfix: enemy health, gun damage, drop rates etc. So, you can do quite a bit even after patch submission.

Now, this could be a double-edged sword, as we saw with enemy health issue for Guardian Takedown recently (i.e. you can still mess up the hotfix itself…).

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Wow this actually means they are letting joltz and K6 play test the DLC? I’m glad at least 2 people are going to test it

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Given Joltz and K6 already have 60lvl characters, it wouldn’t be outlandish to assume they COULD drop 4th skill trees unannounced. I don’t think they will, given how much is already promised for Thursday, but yeah

True. I think it would be incredibly stupid for them to just drop a level cap increase with no prior annoucement though. Normally a bit of fanfare goes into these, it’s one of the reasons people come back to the game. I can’t fathom a reason why they would drop it with such little notice.

Then again, GB logic…

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Maybe they’re trying out a new approach. Or maybe they don’t think the new level cap is a big deal this time around. I mean, those 3 extra skill points won’t matter much at this point, you’ll get one skill points into tier 2 skill after getting 2 cap stones. Quite unremarkable in my opinion

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True, but that didn’t stop then from making a bunch of fanfare for level 53. Granted, it was the first cap increase, but that one had minimal impact as well, at least for FL4K.


if they drop a notice , player will get confirmation > people stop playing because they know its worthless

The first time they dropped a level cap increase was at a few days notice so I imagine they’ll do that today, build it into the hype for the DLC. Don’t know if that’ll be with 4th skill trees too, I imagine they’d hype that up more.

I would imagine they were waiting for any official announcement about level increases for the Bordercast later this afternoon. I’m at least hoping for confirmation one way or another, about both the cap increase, and whether or not there is a 4th tree coming. Of course, I’m also hoping that they really blow my socks off with whatever exactly they have planned for this update, but I’m also trying not to get my hopes up.

Am I the only one worried that GBX is juggling too many things at once?
We supposedly have:
Phase 2 ‘balancing’
Level cap raise
potential 4th skill tree