Ki11er Six and Joltzdude are taking the week off

Wouldn’t be the first time… And look how well that went…

I think there will be no 4th Skill Tree on Thursday.

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Man, they dropped the previous level increases with 2 days notice each.

We’re going to 60 on Thursday, almost 100% guarantee on that.

New Skill trees? I doubt those are coming. They still have too much to get fixed right now.

I doubt it too but You think thats gonna stop them if they really wanted to?

Excuse me, I’m 61 and although I’m not a content creator, I’m retired and play games all the time, actually, everybody in the family does. If someone wanted to continue playing games past 40 and has that as a career, why not???


I think the general mood of the community right now will stop them, yes. Unless they simply can’t remove the 4th trees from the code / hide them from use, I can’t see a scenario where they introduce those right now.

They haven’t even balanced / fixed the current action skills, leaving one character that is better to play as if they don’t have an action skill at M10.

I can’t imagine that with all of this, they are going to do that. But then, I didn’t think that they’d be short sighted enough to not see the backlash of increasing level cap after a 2 month farming event, and then increasing it again on the heels of another event, so who knows? They seem to enjoy infuriating people, so maybe I’m completely wrong.


Sorry, I replied before I saw your post, I’m sooooo damn old I never read from bottom to top like I’m supposed to, hahahahahahahahahahha!!!

Every major event in the past 4 months there has been a lvl cap increase, valentine event with the wedding planner sniper was 53, second dlc like a month later, another increase, thx for that btw😫 mayhem 2.0 a couple of months later, basically a lvl increase on gear, so yeah wouldn’t be surprise at another increase and forced to refarm everything again, cartel weapons will be useless except maybe opq system unless nerfed, but seriously atlas needed an amazing gun to use, carrier is decent but not god-tier. Anyway 4 times to refarm gear in 4 months, its getting old and annoying. Game needs real endgame [cough cough, true invinceble boss not a takedown]

Okay, let’s talk about the game and not other forum users, please.


This seems to be a recurring issue we have on the board. :rofl:

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My sincere hope is that Moxsy/K6/Joltz are NOT just there to test and play the new DLC. My hope is that Gearbox brought them in to balance the other weapons. Moxsy in particular is a fairly good technician with the game, and I would trust his judgment in saying “weapon X should do an average of 5500 damage instead of 3700.”

I’m not holding my breath for this, but bringing in a few top/knowledgeable players and letting them give their feedback on rebalancing the guns would be a really smart move. The numbers of hours played between those 3 people has enough cumulative experience to give extremely meaningful feedback across almost every weapon in the game, I’d wager.


Don’t care

Yet another almost 55 year old gamer with 40 years of the hobby under my belt. I’ve had a good career and enjoy the time I can now put into my hobby and I think anything I could add has already been said by the residents. :rofl:


i hope they are not there just to get some content for their channels.

To me, the only relevant part of this conversation is their relationship with gbx. That goes for all youtubers, really. In my opinion it compromises the honesty of their videos. I’m sure most of their viewers don’t care about the integrity of their information. So it’s all good. It’s just not for me.


I agree. I very much question why a game dev needs to have a paid “stream team.” I don’t believe I have heard anything that makes me question any of the named parties’ impartiality specifically, but it does raise some questions in my mind about whether they have the ability to criticize the game without bias.

EDIT: to also point out that in any business other than game development, this kind of practice (paid criticism) would be considered out-of-bounds. For some reason, this is in-bounds in the game development industry, and I am not sure why.


I’m expecting 4th skill tree.
Sadly, but now I’m guessing it will be coming with the final DLC.

Yes, in the Bordercast show they mentioned the level cap and a bunch of other stuff but nothing on skill trees. Seems unlikely they’re coming in the near future.

This concerned me as well but Jolts and especially K6 have both been pretty vocal about how they don’t like the game in its current state. Jolts even made a poll asking if people were unhappy with M2.0 and wanted suggestions for how the devs could fix it.

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@bgnogan Agreed. However, just the fact that such a thing as a paid “stream team” exists concerns me and makes me question the developers’ and publishers’ motives.

I love G-box Softies (LOL) and have been VERY devoted over the years, but business practices like paid criticism makes me second-guess my instinct to trust them. Not a great look IMO.

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